12S5P Samsung INR18650-30Q packs

$850 for 43 volts, 60 amps at 645 watt hours. That means range range range range. Like 30+ miles or some crazy shit. People have been asking me for these. I have them listed now that i have the process down for building them more easily. My previous packs were unweildly which is why i wasn’t interested in trying to ship them. These are larger and actually more compact, and after a bit of a cost analysis i was able to include everything with it.

Dimensions minus cables: length: 340mm width: 140mm depth: 35mm


It’s expensive and grossly overpowered and you’re welcome.

This is inline with my core objective of trying to offer all of my components for individual sale where possible.


Yus!!! This is awesome

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Do you mean 50.4v? or is it a 10s?

43.2v nominal baybee


43v nominal, Not maximum charge. Listing max charge is misleading in my opinion. Doing calcs on nominal yields better real world results.

added dimensions to original post. I forgot to put that everywhere like a dumbass.

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Woww what board length is recommended for dis? :slight_smile:

that seems pretty small, the space cell 3 is for the Raptor 1 deck is 380mm X 140mm X 23mm so the only dimension that is out of spec is the hight, max height in the encloser is 28mm and your pack is 35mm im wondering if i can make the battery cavity 7-8mm deeper with out compromising the strength of the deck then i could have a 12s5p Raptor dual that would give a Raptor 2 a run for its money.

I use a 27" wheelbase on my decks and have plenty of room for this and two focboxes.


Do you have any pictures of how these batteries and connections are put together @longhairedboy, ie the design of the batteries and connections (not the process of building)?

This might help. Pics of them with just the bare cells welded and balance leads dangling.

I stack them in a trapezoidal pattern and tack them together like that. Then to save height i run the balance leads down the center between the two big groups of cells.

I gently tuck the balance wires down in that crack and then fill it with hot glue. It bonds the sides together, entombs the balance leads and keeps things from making any sort of short.

I jump the two sides with 10awg superworm instead of tacking jumpers because it allows me to build the pack with much less risk of shorting during construction.

the last thing you want is nickel lighting up like tissue paper. It will ruin your whole afternoon.