12S7P battery for sale- $700 obo!

Hi Everyone,

Up for sale is a 12s7p battery made by the man @barajabali. I have put about 400 miles on this battery and it is in perfect working order. This is the battery you get if you never want to worry about running out of juice. I have gone 30 miles on this battery and still had about 20% battery left! The reason I am selling is for a smaller build. Sale also comes with charger and includes shipping in the US! Reach out to me with any questions.


I’d buy it for $400 today

$401 here hahaha

Why do you low-ball everything so hard man have some respect for the Beauty and love that chiboards put into it I would buy honestly but doesn’t fit landyatch Evo deck it’s limited to 12s6p


Because I don’t really need it but if someone needs the money I’d throw $400 at it. A simple no from him is all that’s required. Anything I sold on here, has been lowballed and I eventually sold it for low because sitting on it was pointless… stay in your lane


If this was 10S8P I’d be all over it. 12S is too high for comfort, for me

What cells are these?

Last time I checked you sold lipos to someone that were no good and they complained about it , about the swelling


That was me, this Beggar sold me lipo that doesn’t charge to 4.2v, based on balance wire burn he must have shorted. Described “Practically brand new”

Than he calls me “cheap”

Stay away from this bag of D’s

Brand new pack of this 12s7p is $875, asking for $400 is an insult.

Cells alone is $400. again no standard from this guy


I’ll give 500 hehe

damn you! fine! $501

cant we just all be friends?

I threw the other 2 away and they were perfectly fine just like the ones I sent you. I’m not cheap by any means (I have a modded BGT by LHB and a Dual 6374 12s4p beast while you’re ordering a 2 used lipos in another country) BUT IM THE BEGGAR :joy::rofl:

You’re quoting these battieres like they’re brand new. For all we know this guy could of ran through this pack and not set the cut off settings right.

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On bright side more people will look at this post now because I just got him going again! What’s the lowest you’d take for it?

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@Mattmccrary8 you are something else :joy: :joy:


@filmerskier97 Hay do you still have this thing I’ll take it for $600

You still have this?