12S7P battery for Trampa. Help me with the build

I have decided to also get a Trampa mountainboard.

The monster battery box they use states an internal available space for the battery of 205 x 190mm. I have played a little with the layout and so far I have come up with this


While using these nickel strips which would mean I could reduce the number of the spot welds.

image ![image|500x500]

I believe the slit on the strip should be on the center of battery and should not be as shown in the picture.

This would leave me with enough space for a charge only bms , a charging port plus all the required wiring and connectors. I have drawn the batteries with a diameter of 19mm (samsung 30q datasheet states 18.3mm) so I should have enough space to put fishpaper between the p groups.

What do you think?


If you have an EU source for pure nickel 10mm x 0.15mm strips, fishpaper and heat shrink I would appreciate it. nkon seems to be out of stock for all of these items.

Try Banggood, got mine on there

are you sure the messurements are the inside messurements? i couldn´t find that on the website. the thing is, that the two vescs also mounted inside of the box which will take some space too.

just out of interest, why you don´t want to go with lipos for which this box was desinged?

I got the dimensions from Trampa’s site.


HRB lipos would cost me originally 580€ and probably over 750€ after import taxes. Hobbyking lipos would cost around 300€ but then I would only have 12.4Ah The 30Qs would cost 310€ + nickel strips + heat shrink etc = around 350€ and I would have a 21Ah pack of a higher quality compared to lipo. I could try and fit my 6S 5000mAh batteries from my RC helis but will have to measure them to see if they fit. Two are thunder power

and the other two are turnigy

With the 18650 pack I would include a bms in the battery box so I could use one of the chargers I have for my current board instead of my charging station or the Graupner charger trampa supplies.

:see_no_evil: ok sometimes i have tomatos on my eyes… :joy: i was only reading the discription and there wasn´t written if it is usable space.

makes totally sense what you planning! just don´t forget to add some damping material to your calculation too. i mean like neopren tape or similar.

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Do any of you fine gentlemen have any suggestions for a simple 12s BMS?

Charge only or discharge too?

For charge and discharge

For charge only you can go with the bestech d140


Here’s my 12s7p trampa board for reference: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/sale-vesc6-pneumie-trampa-board-us/72725/6

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Charge only. A discharge bms would be too big to fit in the battery box with a 12s7p. Do you know of an EU source for the D-140?

No I bought mine from bestech directly and they delivered really quick. Was like 20€ plus shipping. The thing is that you need to order min. 2 of them. Honestly it’s always good to have a spare bms at home :sweat_smile: or you can just ask here if somebody want to order with you. I‘m sure you not the only one whos looking for a 12a charge only bms.

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Thanks. I just sent them an email inquiring about the bms. Hopefully the will sell it to me (cheap and fast :rofl:)

If they have the parts on stock than yes. If I remember right it was only one week delivery to Belgium. Good luck!

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30Q cells ordered from nkon.nl along with the nickel strips I linked above and some oversize 350mm heat shrink I hope I can make fit. nkon is out of stock for most types of fish paper, nickel strips and heat shrink so I ordered all the other items I need from eskating.eu. The malectrics spot welder is already on its way and the Trampa board will be here next Monday :sunglasses: Now I just have to find a BMS and I will have everything I need to build the battery.


Board is here, batteries just came in, the spot welder is lost somewhere in the German post system :disappointed: and a second one is on the way, BMS is on the way from the USA The vendor that I ordered the fishpaper and such as usual has not shipped anything yet :roll_eyes:.


My RC heli batteries don’t fit in the monster box so I tried the board with only a pair of 6s 5000mAh. As you can imagine I just got a feel for it since I did not want to damage them.


Now, since space is really tight to fit a 12S7P in the monster box, I am considering not using fish paper between the p groups and using superglue. The pack layout will be the one shown in my initial post. What do you guys think?

I may have enough space to use fishpaper between p groups after all. It’s going to be really tight though.:thinking:




That board will be sick, range for daylong riding, or an hour of extreme fun

Be careful with batteries and the carbon fiber box, CF is conductive


Thanks. The battery will be wrapped with kapton tape, then shrink wrapped. Also I will use non conductive foam for vibration dampening around the battery.


The things I do for love (errr, esk8 :laughing:) I did not have a big 3s battery for the spot welder, so I had two options: Connect in parallel my 5pcs 3S 1300mAh batteries or repurpose a 6S 5000mAh that had one dead cell.


All that is left is to put shrink wrap and a connector and I am in business.

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