12s7p battery wanted in spain

Anyone got a 12s7p battery and 150amp bms i can buy ?

Need ut in spain urgently


I cant edit this mess because I havnt gotten my lvl 3 back yet, can someone fix this? I dont even want to tag moderators.

Changed the category to wanted items.


Maybe you can check with @Acido , @pjotr47 or electricboardsolutions.be . Good prices ,nice and helpfull people. Dunno how urgent it is but building a battery will take some time (10 days or more) . Finding a used 12s7p will probably be mission impossible. I searched a lot for a 2nd hand 12s5p but at the end i bought a 12s6p battery from electricboardsolutions and i am glad i did so.


Thabks man i sent him a message . Wish i could have just got my pack to work :frowning: