12s8p Battery Schematic

Hey guys I have put together a schematic of my battery design. Purchased most of the materials to build. Any massive red flags? Did I mess up anywhere?


Looks pretty good. Loopkey may be flipped as the connectors are most commonly used with the male (pins) and on the board and the female (holes) as the actual key. Other than that it looks like a solid schematic.

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Cheers man good catch. Appreciate it!


Exactly why I need a fresh pair of eyes. Thanks man

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I would advice a discharge fuse as well. (optional)

This will serve me well! Thanks for the schematic!

What ampere, and where does it go?

Is a loop key safe as antispark switch?

Here is a crazy question. Is the gage of wire needed, increased as it gets to higher voltage down the line series?

You went with a stormcore 60 D. I would put a 70A/80A Fuse on the positive lead going to the stormcore. I went with 10AWG terminator leads on my 12s10p and you could use 2x 12 AWG’s in parallel for the series connections.

Brian has had a good guide for what’s acceptable, there are plenty options nowadays. I went with 22mm tinned braided copper for instance for series connections

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Not an expert but 8awg might be a weak link for that much current. Might want to up it. Thanks for the schematic though

Updated the schematic. TB 6380 motors draw a max of 160A. 8 gauge should be good. Also wont install a discharge BMS incase it shits bricks and sends me flying off the board.

Would a 70/80amp fuse to the stormcore be sufficient? Wouldn’t I be over the threshold considering the motors theoretically use 160amps?