12v off road light bar

I bought this 12v off road light bar, and i was wondering how i should wire it as im brand new to electric skateboard building and batteries in general. I was wondering if a 3s lipo battery would work being its just under 12v.

Light Specifications

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3s Lipo will work great. If you wire it straight to the battery you can put a voltage step down.

Get a step down with enough amperage and you can run it directly from your main power supply.

I dont want to run it off main batter supply as i heard that can cause different cell drain

Don’t see how if it is powered from the main lead.

If you wire it with a step down you don’t have this problem, because you’re linking the step down to main + and -, not only to 3 cels of the main battery :slight_smile:

Doesn’t make sense. You wire it to the main leads not to a specific cell.

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if i get a step down how would i wire it directly from 12s4p pre built battery pack?

Take the plus and minus from the battery - the same one that goes to the controller and wire it to the step down on the input end and wire the Led bar to the output end

if i wired a 3s battery to here would i need a volt meter alarm so i dont run the batter to nothing?

You will need to find a way to check you’re not overdischarging them. A volt meter alarm is one way.

would it be better to go with a li-ion 3s pack?

You don’t want to over discharge lion as well, even though the discharge voltage is much lower.

I already have a imax B6 so all i would need is a 3s battery. what would be the best way to check that you are not overdischarging the batteries?

Voltage meter, alarm, BMS whatever suits you better.

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did a little research would something like this work?

Step down

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3s3p liion from laptop. Cheap Amazon 3s BMS. 4 hours of light on a light bar twice the size.

Chances are your light can handle 4s. At least the battery my friend made it worked on 4s

Yes. That would work

do you have any links to what you showed in picture? this is how i pictured setting it up.

4A-5A PCB BMS Protection Board for 3 Packs 18650 Li-ion lithium Battery Cell 3S https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MG8XQMQ?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

Once hooked up you have to charge it to activate the BMS. It won’t read a voltage on the output terminals or work until you do.