12V regulator for 60V

Has anyone found a small 12v (out) regulator from 60v (in). I’m planning to install some LEDs on my board and I need a reliable 12v power source

There’s a few out there, commonly called buck converter or step-down converter.

I just bought this one.

There are cheaper ones but if you’re hurting for space in your enclosure like me, an ip6# one can be secured outside.

THere is the LM2596HV, lots of modules available


€ 8,97 | Waterdichte hoge kwaliteit dc regulator 24 v 36 v 48 v (22-60 v) om 12 v 3A dc-dc converter step down buck module gratis verzending

€ 10,86 | 60 v 48 v 36 v naar 12 v 3A 5A 8A DC DC Converter 48VDC om 12VDC Voltage Converter step Down Buck Auto Vrachtwagen Voertuig Voeding

i’ve used this one, until one of the caps literally exploded on me, it was pretty violent for how small it is. i had it hooked up to 60v, but nothing on the 12v load side.

this is the one i use now, pretty solid.


Good to know, hopefully I’ll have some luck. Could it be because you didn’t have anything wired to the output?

did u kill the one i made for you? =(

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been using this for over a year now…all good and tiny enough itll fit in a box that isnt overstuffed


Yah, too much abrasion and tightness in my enclosure and it knocked off the copper thing through the heatshrink. Gonna mount this one externally.

On another note, how’s that light doing? I had so much trouble with the mounting bracket lol, Nilight even sent me 4 extra for free that I eventually broke lol

bracket all good… even had a big accident recently and it held up…just needed to be re tightened… dunno what probs u had… nothing a lil blue loctite and some tape over the end cant fix