13S A Realistic Possibility?

How many of you have had a decent amount of time running 13S. Apparently our current available hardware can handle it… it’s just a little odd to fit in most setups. Any 13S out there?

Technically, it can handle 14S, according to the numbers I’m reading, but it’s WAY, WAY, WAY better to not push electronic components to their full rated capacities… (@4.285V / cell maximum)

I’d stick to 10S normal and 12S max personally… Maybe 14S for a one-run dragster record-breaker but not a daily rider board

Also keep in mind motors are a reactive load… that can feed back-pressure into the circuit, easily pushing the numbers past their ratings…

Maybe I shouldn’t have put this here because now lhb is going to make a 14S LoLz

No, seriously, if you faceplant tarmac from a 13S or 14S burning up your controller, you can’t say you weren’t warned

That’s why I run 10s, I can bury the throttle and brake and not have to worry about blowing a vesc. I would worry all the time at 12s.


Everyone keep in mind the standard rule of thumb when engineering electronics is 50%

So a EE designing a product to be UL-certified and mass produced and sold — will take one look at the VESC they’d run it max 7S by default. So 10S and especially 12S are already at 72% and 86% capacity already – plus the pressure from the inductor flyback in the motors …

TL;DR: play with fire, get burned

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I ran a 14s5p mj1(@4.05v/cell) 30A limited ebike pack I made on my board just for shits and giggles, around the block with brakes turned off. Thank God I have bindings :joy: That’s another 14s5p completed sitting behind, combine to make triangle :wink:

Charging only to 4.05V / cell might have saved your ass from tarmac-burn – that’s the difference between 99.9% max and 94.5% max


C’mon guys. Pushing the limits only drives creativity to create better equipment. 24S please.


My Mountainboard is currently a 13S (Li-Ion) but i did not charge the battery 100% so far. That will need some modifications where i am currently waiting on parts. And firmware changes to protect the system from over-voltage are also in beta status. Will let you know when i know more.

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What modifications are you speaking of to run with 100% charge? I’m assuming you mean hardware as you mention software in the works…

I can’t agree more. Get to work on this new open-source ESC that can handle 200 volts at 100 amps

Hah. It’s actually mind-boggling that our “best esc” available is actually just a slightly less shitty version of the vesc (vesc6). Still has DRV… still only is capable of 95% duty cycle… etc etc.

And this polished turd I speak of is damn near 300 bucks to get to the states.

Someone needs to pick up where Rafael Chang left off and finish the infinity esc. Everything is out there and publicly available … just need someone to finish the coding.

End rant lol

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My next board is 13s. Yep I’m not skeered.

I know two people that could design a better one. There are two problems. 1) it’d take a shitload of time 2) it’d cost more
Nobody I know is willing to give away a thousand hours in free labor to make it a reality. If a few different skate companies all came together behind it, it could be a reality very easy. Unfortunately, skate companies don’t work together very well. Then you have companies like tramppa who think they can just take over an open-source project, which discourages anyone else from touching it. Should I go on?


Naaa-aaahh, we just imagine the sink hole you are talking about. Thats why foxes and other cuties are coming up lately.

Can you post a link to the infinity project? I’d like to take a look at it