13s bms for a 12s battery?

is it a probleme to use a 13s bms for a 12s battery ?

because I need a bms in 12s and 120a but its hard to find so i have found Li-ion 13S 48V BT in 120a

sorry for my english ^^

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i want to build a battery in 12s5p with the Molicel INR21700-P42A 4000mAh - 45A

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I could be wrong, but I think you simply would leave off the last COLORED wire. Then, do the negative at end. It will simply read 0 on that register. Look at diagram for ? to sixteen etc BMS, and copy wiring philosophy.


Just message them on Aliexpress that you want the 12s version, they will make it for you.


Hi, For charging, 13S charger should be used? or 12S charger?

yeah I came to say the same thing, I recently messaged an AliExpress seller about this and they said to just ask them to modify a 13S one for you

i’m guessing 12s or you might overcharge

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Never use a 13S charger on a 12S battery

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I sent a message to the seller and he will make me a 12s version

thx everyone <3

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I’m in the same situation.

Could you share the link of your BMS? What did you write to the seller?

Thanks in advance!

their is a link in the topic

you could say :
i need li-ion 12s in xxA

he will say buy the 12s lifepo in xxA

sorry for my english

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