***13S Evo From Hell ***

Well guess I better start this build thread up. Here’s what I’m working with…

Landyachtz Evo Deck TB 218mm Trucks w/ blood orange double barrels Bolzen 12 degree angled risers TB 6374 190kv motors TB motor mounts 13s4p Samsung 30q pack 37t wheel pulley @Kaly 15t motor pulley Evolve F1 107mm wheels 13S BMS 2x Focbox

The Boltzen risers were perfect for converting this to an esk8. If you didn’t already know, the evo deck has a 15 degree offset in front and rear built into the board. That’s because this board was designed to do 70mph. Clearly we won’t see 70mph… so instead of it driving like a bus with front steering only, the 12 degree risers took it from a 65/35 split to a nice 53/47 split. This should be perfect to be stable but not unnecessarily stable, while still having a really good turning radius.

These pullies I got from @kaly are awesome. They are machined so that you only use a total of 2 bearings per wheel side. Fit was great besides having to shave down spacer a hair on the inside to make it all fit together like a glove. Plenty of room for both pullies to run 20mm wide belt if I see fit.


The completed 13s4p pack. Big thanks to @Deckoz for helping me with the pack. Total length end to end was 20.5". BMS goes in the space left on the 6 cell side. Still working on what enclosure to run as I’ll need a 23" of inside space to work with. There are currently a couple people working on single piece evo enclosures so hopefully I’ll have something soon.

After falling off my Trampa at 31mph with nothing more than a helmet (thankfully), I’m not super focused on chasing crazy high speed. Although I figure this should be able to do 35mph just fine.

I’ll update as I go along.


Yasssssssss looking good man

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Can the focbox handle 13s? Because it is rated for 12s max. Looking cool though.

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you’ll hit 35+mph easy as long as you’re not a giant.

I have a 12s, 15/40t, dual 6374, with 107s, and hit 35mph with more to go

guess we’ll find out. for science


I’m a giant and I hit 35+ consistently with my 12s4p


The components are rated for minimum 63v If i remember correctly, but you should always have some safety space for electronic components. Thats Why vendors says 12s max.

Cool. 35mph shouldn’t be an issue then especially on 13s. I’m only 185 pounds.

From all I can tell people are just scared. The components should take 13s no problem.

We will see I guess :slight_smile:

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Yep Focboxes run on 13s, already run it. My 13s Icarus build is seeping into my friends builds.

Soon we will have 13s twinsies.

@pshaw Do dual 6374 motors actually fit on the back?

Piece of cake with bolzen 12deg risers. Even works without them just less clearance.

I have the bottom of the cans about 1cm higher than the bottom of truck. They are tucked wayyyy up there.

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Cool. Thx!

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Looking good man!

Are you going bmsless? What charger will you use?

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Nice job. Do you have any more pics of your battery build?

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Ahm, the components are rated up to 63V but there is a reason why the gap of ~15V is left. You will blow your capacitors, VESC is handling inductive loads, which in reverse can generate higher voltage than you are inputting :wink:


Max voltage vesc can handle is 60v(or 63v if you know precise figure) iirc, seems like a few have done this and not blown up…so it seems, I had toyed with the idea but don’t think it’s really necessary

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Half the size of a focbox :slight_smile:

Just a generic 13S charger I got from China …

I think I have some more I’ll try to dig them up

There are a few people out there that are running 13S no issues at all. Maybe you need to be a bit careful slamming full brakes with a fresh charged board. Maybe not…

12s is already tickling the ERPM safety margin with 190kv, no?

Are you all comfortable with the wheels sticking out way beyond the board’s width? One of my most embarrassing and painful longboard falls involved a wheel and a foot. We not flintstoning much on eboards but if I have to footbrake I probably won’t have time to worry if I’m gonna trip on a wheel.

I like the build though, nice job so far :slight_smile:

well according to @onloop the Focbox has been tested to well over 100,000 erpm with out problems.

not sure if its true or not but id rather not be the one to find out lol.

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