13S10P 30Q, Hummie Deck, TB DD, Focbox Unity - GT2B

So I’ve never created a build thread before and I’ve been talking about this build a lot Soo here it goes.

  • Hummie deck $125 @Hummie @Jaydawg56

  • Hummie Hubs $550 @Hummie

  • 130 30Q from nkon.nl $402

  • 2x Focboxes (or one of my unitys) $250 @CarlCollins thx for getting em to me.

  • BKB Dual Focbox heatsink $28 @JLabs

  • Bestech D140 13S $33 @JLabs

  • TSG PASS $223 (cause I don’t wanna die) @JLabs

  • Mastercho GT2B Mod @MasterCho $34~ @mmaner thx for printing it mmaner

  • Custom Fiberglass Enclosure $75 (from a guy on NYCeBoarding)

  • 13S 54.6V 10A Charger $78.56

  • moonbeams 25$ @moon

  • Skinning services from @ sender

Also the hummie hubs might be switched out for TB DD as I have those on pre-order @torqueboards

Oh and @Sender 13s10p

This build will be charged at 10A, because I can’t stand waiting :sweat_smile:


Hummie deck came today, now time to widen the cutout. IMG_20190405_184404

Heatsink and 13S D140 from @JLabs IMG_20190405_230654


Looking forward to see this, more than my initial plan of 10S10P that I’ve never had the guts to do

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Haha lol @ARetardedPillow :wink: sry.

What enclosure do you plan to use?

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Damn. That’s gonna be heavy!


Once you go past 5P it won’t even matter anymore


How are you planning on securing the 130 cell pack to the deck?

I’m not, nothing gonna hold it, it’s gonna be enclosure mount + epoxied M6 inserts


Huh! I’d print some nylon straps, or strap it in somehow. That’s got to be a lot of weight. No doubt the fiberglass can hold it though… so maybe it will be 100% all good. That thought just gives me the slight uneasy-s

It’s fine trust me, but then again Im doing a 13s10p :rofl:

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If you glue them with neutral silicone to the board you will be completely fine Just cover the whole place where the battery will sit with a generous layer, clean the battery really well, put weight on it and let it dry

I’m still tying to figure out how I will remove my old battery without destroying it in the process

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Don’t tell me sorry, you’re prob never going to see me ride a board again

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just a suggestion for the attachment of the enclosure, drill through the deck and use “t nuts” on the foot side of the deck. find out the length of screw you need and use em. then put griptape over the top. it’ll be far stronger than inserts

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If I ever do T-nuts again, I’ll be seriously considering flush mounting them.

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Are you crazy I’m never gonna drill fully through the deck

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but you’ll half drill through? :thinking:

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yes cause i wont be gripping the whole board, im gonna be using two sheets of vicious



117 cells just came from nkon.nl



Can you even carry this board?