14 awg wire to extend the connection from FOCBOX to motor?

Hey everyone, just like the title says, has anyone used any particular type of 14 awg wire to extend the connection from the FOCBOX to the motor? I bought two new 6374 motors and they’re too big to mount next to each other on the back of the board, so i’m looking to do a diagonal setup with one in the front and one in the back on the opposite side. Only thing is I need to make the connection longer. Can anyone give me any advice on what to buy or how to go about doing this properly? Please and thank you.

If I recall, you can use either 12AWG or 14AWG silicon wires. Attach on one end of the wire with female bullet and the other end with male bullet. This way will make it easier for you the change the length and you wont need to do any direct soldering to any wires on the motor or focbox

Right on. And last thing I just remembered. Are there extenders for the hall sensor wires?

Not that I know of but hall sensor wires are low voltage so you can just extend it with a simple cable splice or solder

Use the search feature of this forum, there is a lot of answer and links for this question :wink: