149 vs 192kv sk3 motor

ok so I will be buying a 6374 and i’m not sure if I should get the 149kv or the 192. I will be running it on 10s with a vesc. will this 40kv really make much of a difference? will the lower kv run cooler?

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The main difference is gonna be speed, with a 15/36 gearing on 83mm wheels the 149 will do about 35kph, the 192 will do 45kph.

So it’s really up to you what you want out of your build, you want more potential for speed or more potential for torque? And what wheel size will you be using? Both will perform well, heat won’t really be an issue.

I have 80mm wheels. cant I just gear up the 149kv though?

You can, with a 16/32 gearing you’ll get around 42kph.

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For reference, I have my gears at 15/36 on the SK3 6374 motor with a 9s Lipo set up. I climb some steep gradients well and have great amount of torque. I currently weigh 88kg + 7kg back pack. My last charge gave me ~13 miles before I decided to charge the batteries this morning (still had about 25% according to my voltmeter and Ackmaniac’s amazing app).

As mentioned above, you’ll see lower top speed with the lower KV motor but this is not necessarily a bad thing, I think I pushed my motor throttle to 90% once and quickly changed my mind as it is very, very fast. If I recall correctly, going at 20mph the 149KV motor might run more efficiently than the 192 but don’t quote me on that.

Hope that helps!