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149kV Gear Ratio

Hello All,
I’m building my second E-Board and trying to make it more reliable this time around.
I intend on using a SK3 6374 149kV Motor, 6S battery, and HobbyWing 100A ESC but am curious about the gear ratio. I used the calculator and got around 20mph max with a 22/36 ratio. Will this ratio reduce my torque too much (I weigh about 150lb) or overheat my motor? I’ve also considered an 18/36 or 19/36 ratio.

Malik R.

That is not the right motor for a 6s set up. Good luck finding a 22 motor pulley.

Go standard with a 190kv -230kv motor with a 16:36 gear ratio.

I have one that I can 3D Print. Surprisingly the pulleys held up on my last board. Just wondering, is the standard gear ratio the main reason for going with a 190-230kV motor?

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I’m riding an SK3 6364 245kv, 6s, 17:36, with 90mm wheels. I also weigh 150lb. Top speed is around 25mph but I always push to start and never take on steep hills without a good running start. I highly recommend this setup if your area is relatively flat, but if you want a lot more toque go 14:36.

you will have very low torque and probably over work your motor on that ratio.
either use higher voltage or higher kv motor.

honestly I would stay away from the sk3, I’ve have 2 of those fail, one yesterday lol
They have a weakpoint with the 3 m3 screws holding on the front which holds all the load on esk8…

Mattdig- Sounds like a solid setup. The max I can really do on my campus is ~18mph so I’ll definitely gear down to get a bit more torque and range.
Saul- What motor would you recommend instead of the SK3? I’ve seen the Tacon BigFoot and Torque Motors.

EDIT: I just found the Turnigy G160 245kV ( and I read good things about it. What do you all think?

the big foot is sadly extinct, really you can never find them anymore…

i’m about the same weight as you and using(for 2 days so far) one of torques older model 5065 200kv and it working surprisingly well on 8s, even takes my hill almost as well as the 149kv on 12s.
both on 14/36 97mm wheels.

I just got the smaller one of these and will swap it out for testing
quality is pretty good, and the motors are very similar to torques’ new motors.

Looks interesting, I’ll check it out. What capacity batteries do you run? I only use 5,000mAh because of my budget.

I use a sk3 149kv at 6S with 20/28 gearing. Gives me ~40km/h

I have the SK3 149kv motor and use it with 16/36 gear ratio, 83mm wheels, but a 12s set up. I probably only run it up to 70% throttle at most, which is about 20-24 mph according to a speedometer app, which may not be accurate. I’m also only 150lbs.