14S 120A Drone ESC for 63$. what could go wrong?

As usual, I’m trying to find the cheapest, powerful and reliable ESC :joy:

The reason I don’t like VESC is very expensive for a +5000W single drive and easy to break due to novice mistakes and lack of protection, so I can’t accept the price of VESC6 until I understand why other controllers suck.

I found DJI ESC on Taobao for only $63 and specs are really impressive. As I understood the release was in 2017, but I didn’t find any reviews or something. It definitely confuses me, but still…


s2-bg-4ad6932832d8039051c0d7551ae0a523 PDF files: https://www.dji.com/downloads/products/takyon-z14120

Some specs
  • Max Voltage: 61V
  • Max continuous current: 120A
  • Max peak current (< 3 sec): 160A
  • ERPM limit: 280’000


  • overheating (power limit if >120C, cut off if >140C)
  • overvoltage
  • undervoltage
  • short circuit
  • stall
  • phase-loss

IP66 Rated


  • timing (don’t know what it is)
  • active braking
  • throttle range
  • Data export

Another two cheap and powerful ESCs :

So my question is why no one try these drone ESCs for esk8/ebike builds? At least for budget ?

IIRC Drone escs lack the ability to brake.

The specifications say that there is…

And active braking settings (through PC)

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those brakes aren’t strong enough to for esk8 purposes. They’re use only to slow down the propellers so the drone is more agile.

But you can definitely give that ESC a try and report back your findings.


Probably you are right. But if this ESC works at +5000W continuously for only $63, then we pay a lot of money for smoother throttle and stronger brake :thinking:

well, a flipsky vesc 4.12 is only 50$, also 120a seems a bit overrated.

it also has no bec and it seems it does not work on PPM directly which problaly means you need to get a flight controller along with it from DJI.


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We both know it’s not the addition of smoother throttle and usable breaks that makes the vesc more expensive to manufacture and distribute, it’s the modularity and openness of the unit that drives the price up.

I’m sure that if @AlanZhou is correct, and the ESC requires the remote control, then either that controller is going to expensive as hell, or they’re going to find another way to get money out of you

I’ve always jokingly thought about a build where in my right hand I hold my remote, and in my left I hold a manual break, similar to ones for mountain boards… just for both rear wheels 🤷

Seems silly to me as I believe the electronics should be able to do both . But if you’re going to use an ESC that only accelerates, it’s not a bad idea :+1:

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