15/16T HTD 5M Steel Pulleys [US]

Where can I buy steel pulley for this? https://flipsky.net/collections/accessories/products/flipsky-electric-skateboard-motor-6365-190kv-2650w

10mm bore, 3mm keyway with grub screws

here you go (:

hm… $11 shipping

Maybe @marcmt88

He only has 8mm… But if you can wait q month from china @dickyho has em and you could buy a couple different options while yur at it to.play with speed vs torque options… I’m a fan of 18/36 didnt notice any major hill climbing loss for the speed gain! “Eboard-shop” on eBay… Looks like 15t is his.only option right now but saw plenty of other metal kits on eBay some with US based shipping

can you give me a link? i did go on his shop and couldn’t find it. nvm it was under the same listing as the wheel pulleys

I do have 14T steel pulley now, this one is cheap, because it have been max producted.

I am planning to produce 15T, 16T, 18T steel pulley now. hopefully with keyway. just those need to custom make, and need big quantity, so will be expensiver. as I counted, need to sell 7.5-8us a piece on ebay, without shipping.

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I’m happy paying $25 with shipping for a pair of steel 18t pullys

yeah that’s what I ended up doing. $24 +11 shipping. @dickyho can you produce steal pulleys?

@Skunk@Winfly yes, I can. will put on here one I got those steel pulleys produced.

but I only can make it with 10mm bore for the moment…

that would be nice. but i guess 10mm bore is kinda rare. This is all because my $5 greed. lmao. I was gona get the dual 6354 for $60 each +$20ish shipping but found out they have 6364 for $75 each with the over $150 free shipping.

I do have 6354,6364,6374,6384 in 170/200/230 kv…


rip i don’t see your 6364 listing

not listed on ebay yet