$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts

Im down for a set to run custom cross rods

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Keep doing what your doing mate its epic :slight_smile:


Do they fit Trampa 12fifties?

How did you design the clamp? Does the profile of the trucks perfectly match a box with a semicircle or do I have to adjust the arc? Do you know the measurements for TB trucks? I am trying to draw up a clamp in Solidworks.

I took the cross section of a normal caliber and copied it. Because it is a cast truck, it’s not an exact measurement so more often than not its slightly oversized. Torqueboards is apparently 1mm more in every direction. I know for sure you will have to file either the truck or the clamp. The good news is it’s a fast job because you only have to file the width of the clamp and not the entire length of the truck.

Alrighty, done designing the pulley cover for the 63mm version. Here it is:

I will be selling these as an additional upgrade for $3.99. They will be printed in Black PETG for durability. Wall thickness is 3mm all around.

There will be 2 sizes to account for different wheel diameters. This is the small size. (for 90mm and below). There will be medium(90mm-100mm) and a large(100mm-110mm). White%20Cover Assembly


Hmmm can you share how far along are you on clearing your shipping backlog? Paid for mine around Black Friday, thanks.

Another day. Some of the 63mm arms I cut have minor scratches but I am sending them anyways because I think people are tired of waiting.

I am getting new endmills from a friend which should really help things speed along. I do these in 100 part batches. The next time I get my aluminum, I hope to have all 100 mounts done in under a week.

I want to come to a point where I have them already packeged and ready before someone even orders. If that were the case, I could have them from payment to your door in 4 days anywhere in the US.


Will you possibly share files for these for people that already purchased and want to just print some?

Can you send a picture of the scratches? Some of the scratches are “built in” the because the barstock they’re cut from comes with scratches. It’s the way everybody receives them. it’s sort of luck whether or not the barstock I receive is very scratched.

I can remedy this by wire wheeling them which I didn’t forget the chamfer update. Doing both chamfer and wirewheel takes a lot of time however, so there would have to be a slight price increase.

Also, I’ll gladly send another one to make up for the mistake.

I will soon. I need to adjust them. The version that’s pictured in this thread hastoo much overhang for my taste. I want them to print without supports.

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Cool! Can’t wait

How to fit the mount on tb 218 truck? I pressed really hard but it won’t get in. Probably a hammer? image

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File or dremel


File. Tb hangers are ever so slightly bigger.

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interested in buying these for a dual tb 218 truck upgrade, would you suggest filing the trucks or the clamp?

well shoot me dead i just bought Tb trucks a week ago

Nothing wrong with TB trucks. You want a tight fit. Having to file a little bit is better than it being loose AT ALL.

Most of these clamps are designed to fit too tight, and you file a tiny bit to make it perfect. Cast trucks are never precisely all the same dimensions.


I filed 1mm off the arch and it fit perfectly.

I didn’t know that backlog was so big, I ordered two of these yesterday, how long should I be prepared to wait?