$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts

That finish is worth $5 imo. 1/3 the cost of the mount to make it look soooo much better

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@Boardnamics Are there plans in the pipeline to do mounts for trucks other than caliber 2? The price for these mounts are so good which is surprising compared with a lot of CNC mounts on the market. Trampa infinity/vertigo trucks, for example, have very few ‘cheap’ mounts and a lot of people like me are looking for options that are affordable so we can place our funds into performance not necessarily over-engineered motor mounts.

Great job btw :+1:

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Most likely. I may have to increase the price for some mounts. What trucks specifically? I’m doing Paris and surf rodz tkp real soon :slight_smile:

You could offer a version without the finish too for $14.99 :smiley:


@Boardnamics trampa’s infinity or vertigo trucks or maybe MBS matrix 2.

Just looked them up, those both look doable. Just a rough estimate, I could probably make dual mounts for Trampa Spring trucks and MBS matrix I and II for $100.

Before I begin offroad trucks, I want to finish paris/universal and surf rodz TKP. When this is all set and done, I’ll have quite a few designs to pick from!


What about 90mm-110mm instead of 62mm-78mm Caliber mounts? For bigger wheels

Certainly possible. All it would take is a longer arm piece, clamp would stay the same. An additional $5 cost outa cover it :slight_smile:


I am almost done the batch of idler mounts.

There is going to be 2 available surface finishes starting soon. The premium shiny look with chamfered edges, and the totally plain and a little sharp look.

The cheap unfinished version will be $2 cheaper, meaning $13/$18 non idler, idler respectively. This is ultra cheap and the lowest price I can ever offer. If you’re on a serious budget and don’t care about it looking perfect, this is it!!

The premium version looks super nice and is the best I can make them with my equipment. They will cost $18/$23. So $3 more than they used to. Still a really good value and they add serious bling to your build.

IMG_20190129_153017135 IMG_20190129_153058543_HDR


They look really good. Definitely worth an extra few $$


Are the holes in the corner for spacer bar?

They’re for the pulley cover, but surely someone could add a bar too.


I know you probably have this posted as a kit somwhere - but what is the price for a full dual mount setup?

Would you be able to list out the price for an unfinished set?

Should I use the website link?

These are definitely some of the best mounts on the market now. Love it! I wish you had a 30mm longer version of the non-idler one :slight_smile:


A plain unfinished set of idlers on my website would be $18(2) + $5 shipping so $41. They still include the timing belts :slight_smile:

Hi @Boardnamics, Really good job on those mounts ! Your website says you will have 15mm timing belts soon but there is no date and maybe it is not updated, so do you have them now ?

would these be able to be powder coated ?

Like if i brought them to a place would i be able to?

The 15mm belts would probably be for the non idler version, so I was thinking 270mm? I buy them in somewhat high quantity from my supplier. Their minimum quantity is I believe 50 so I have to purchase only what I know will sell.

Shipping from China is crazy expensive so I only order big sets of belts at a time. When I run out of idler belts, I’ll include those in my next order. So quite soon, a few weeks.

A quick google search has taught me that you can, but you may need to prepare the surface. Aluminum has its aluminum oxide coating which needs to be taken off to get good adhesion. The guys who powder coat probably know more than me

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could you please release a .obj or .stl file for the pulleys covers? I have already bought the mounts and it would be better if i could just print the covers in different filaments/colors