$15/20 Boardnamics Caliber Motor Mounts

omg this is so good. I’ve been looking for some mount that’s simple like TB’s and still affordable. Yours seems to be perfect!

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@Boardnamics, I think your strategy is working :smiling_imp:

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What width of belt supports the motormount with belt tensioner? max 12mm or more?

Check a few posts up and he says what he uses.

These are pretty solid mounts and at this price, and made in the USA, this is a downright steal


Oh thanks i completely read past that, so 15mm width pretty good

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You vouch for them? I’m thinking of using these for the dual 5055 build.

I had one before and it was solid.


You could buy up all of Johnny’s “pulley kit’s” and then sell total motor mount and pulley kits.

My plan is to sell complete drivetrains for caliber E trucks. The pulleys would be a challenge to machine but possible.

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don’t machine basic pulleys go for chains if your makeing something. People who love belts will still buy the chains for science.

Just buy a few sprockets and drill holes in em thats it.

There is always gonna be a drivetrain debate. There’s threads on it all the time. If I were to do pulleys, I’d buy pulley stock and cut it to 15mm slices.

Sprockets, not sure

i might have a chain drive train in the makes :smiley:

Just need to make some 3d printed parts somehow


Factory in full swing IMG_20181108_170339578

I made a mirror copy of the idler arm so now if you order 2 idler mounts, the idlers will be on the same side. This was requested for a while :slight_smile:


I’ve ordered a total of 4 mounts a few days ago. Pls tell me this is what I’m getting I’d hate to have one idler facing the wrong direction :grimacing:

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They all will be the correct mirrored pairs


did anyone mention that a lil groove or notch where the idler pulley nut is is helpful? just a thought… on my marc mounts I like how it holds the nut for me when tightening down the idlers instead of needing an extra tool to hold if/when it spins… this is one thing Im thinking about on this dickyho mount im using for a diff board.

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Yee. Thank you :+1:t3:

Are you milling that by hand or a really big router?

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Ah nice picture, on the site it says that the idler version is capable for wheels bellow 97mm, would 97mm be possible?