1500-2k usd build, trampa

sorry in advance if this doesnt belong here. i found out about boosted boards about 6 months ago or so and have always wanted one. just recently i thought about purchasing one. then after more research found out about the evolve carbon gt and was pretty set on getting it. now im here… and now i realize that either of those are out the window and i would like something better !(diy). ive had my fair share of brushless rc cars and also have rode alot of longboards a couple years back. so the whole diy part isnt much of an issue for me i dont think. i have a pretty good grasp on electronics. my issue is figuring out what specific parts to buy. i see many people having mixed reviews about certain esc’s compared to others ect…

i would like to start with this board as a base, in 16 ply

my weight is 165lbs/75kg. im looking for a top speed of atleast 30mph/48 kph. and a range of around 20 miles/32km. i really like the idea of a 12s setup but from reading around on here, i see many issues with it compared to 8 or 10s. thinking of running a e-toxx direct drive setup as ive heard good reviews along with great machining and customer service. i also like the idea of a fully enclosed case. any input from you more knowledgeable people would be appreciated. its always easy to read reviews on products, but to hear from people that have been through different parts is always better. thanks

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Hi, go for 12S6P 18650 if you can, sensored motors, ideally our 136KV, twin VESC SIX. Forget about hobby grade ESCs. Do yourself a favor and go for the real deal straight away - saves you tons of money and hassle.


So a trampa holy pro in 16 ply,vertigo trucks,hard trampa treads tires,yellow dampas. Is this 16 ply going to be ok for me being 75kg?, assuming the extra weight of the electronics? According to the flex chart, its about right in the middle. I dont exactly want a stiff board. Also, are the yellow dampas ok? Ive read around that most of the higher rated ones make it fairly stiff and alot of people lean toward the yellow. Should i buy some green ones aswell just in case? Also wondering about the hard tread tires compared to soft.

escs, im pretty sure i will go with dual vesc6. i thought about max6 but if i ever wanted to upgrade to 12s in the future i would have to buy new esc’s again. better to just spend an extra $200 and be done with it.

not quite sure on motors yet, aps 170kv 6374 look nice but its a no go for 12s. i think maybe maytech 190kv. not sure on what the best motors would be in the 170-200kv range that are good for 12s and being sensored.

for the motor mounts im pretty set on getting the direct drive setup from jens.

theres alot of other nick nacks and small stuff,battery setup,rx/tx, wiring, plugs ect. everything look ok so far? im close to purchasing!! thanks

Well, if you want more flex, a 15 Ply would still do the job. Straight for 12S if you ask me, no messing around with the hobby grades stuff on low S counts. Motors: 170-190 is quite high. The reason why you still see the high KV stuff is that people still have 6 and 8 S settings on their mind. Do your maths and you will see that 140KV to 170KV is a very fast setup on 12S with the achievable gearing. Truth is: you only hit top speed once a while and in average you are much slower. Higher KV means more Amps draw at the same output power. You want to lower your Amps and have a good efficiency at average speed. 40 + Km/h is frightening fast for an MTB. What you really want is tons of torque on low Amps. Our 136 KV Motor offers quite a good balance between top speed, torque and amp draw (max 50A). At 50A everything stays nice and cool in your system, staying healthy over a long period of time.

Dampas: start with yellow, and get yourself some green ones together with the order. Tires: Depends on the surface you ride on. Trampa Treads are a good all-round tire, the Mud Plugger is also quite good (lots of profile to chew from) and the Primo Striker is an evergreen tire.

I would just order another set of tires together with the board. You will need them anyway!