150A HK car ESC braking noise

After replacing my electronics from my benchwheel with this new ESC running only 1 motor, when braking or decelerating from no throttle, the motor makes a screeching sorta noise.

Does anyone notice the same thing?

EDIT If anyone uses a HobbyKing ESC, Could anyone share their programming settings? I’m using a HKSS programming card to set mine.

Could be bad/dirty motor bearing. Video would be helpful.

Might be a ESC configuration issue. I don’t have any experience with traditional RC ESCs. If you end up getting a VESC, I could help you out :slight_smile:

It’s definitely the RC esc. I tried hooking the second motor up. Same thing and that doesn’t even have a pulley or anything.

EDIT: If anyone uses a HobbyKing ESC, Could anyone share their programming settings? I’m using a HKSS programming card to set mine.

Car ESC’s usually are quite loud when braking. I had similar sound with my Turnigy 150A

Eeek. Sounds like a dying cat. That’s a shame. Looks like I’ll be saving up for a vesc. Probably wait till Christmas for that. My college ass needs to prioritize getting through living first lol.

@irexjr - that sounds mostly normal w/ hobby/RC Car ESC. They make a LOT more noise on braking. It’s a distinctive ringing type tone when braking. I’ll see if i can find an example and link here.

I have heard it w/ other boards - i believe you can try adjusting some of the settings to minimize, but it will not go away. Until you get another ESC.

Thanks for the clarification!

So i used the hk esc’s a 100 amp and 120. They way their braking works just makes that kind of noise. The castle creations esc are the same just not a high of a pitch.

I believe that sound is coming from the motor, but I belive it’s related to how the ESC is using reverse current to slow it down. So I would second everyone saying that it’s the ESC at fault and a vesc would be better, and just add that Vedder did such great work on the VESC that it doesn’t cause noises like that

Edit: It’s very possible i’m wholly ignorant and incorrect. I haven’t used a normal ESC in many years.

the sound is programmed in to the car ESC for a “realistic brake screech” sound when used in scale cars. its nothing to do with braking performance its just an effect. it’s normal if you are using a car ESC.

no its not.

Straight bullshit there lowG. Had to call you out there. The sound is 100% from the motors, Has to do with resonance in the coils

The trackstar is making a very similar noise while braking or deceleration, but I kind of like that “futuristic” sounds

yeah it comes from the motors. but its programmed in there… don’t believe me? fine whatever man. no skin off my nose.

Why, just why would someone go through the trouble of adding the most annoying whine on purpose? It doesn’t even sound anything like that tire screech or brake…

Its the PWM switching frequency that causes the noise. Anything below 16khz will be audible.

because its designed for a small car. why do skateboard ESCs and boat ESCs not make the noise then? im not going to argue. I know the truth, I don’t even care if you believe it or not.