16-17Euro | Affordable Caliber motor mounts - 63xx / 50xx (From EU)

Hi all ! Im making this mounts to be affordable to everyone . Short story: I wanted to build DIY esk8 and i could not find any cheap options for motor mounts in EU…

This design allows this mount to be rotated and flipped in any direction you want and is reverse mountable. It can ba used with 15mm and 12mm whell pulleys .

Two different pieces, for 50mm or 63mm motors.

Some specs:

Clamp thickkness: 10mm (aluminium)

Arm thickness: 5mm (steel)

Center to center distace from around 71mm to 80mm

Weight: 63mm (~200g) , 50mm (~185g)

Recomanded belts: 265-295mm - (It depends on what size of wheel pulley you will use)


4x M5x25mm 4x M4 Nylon Locknut 1x M6x30mm 1x M6 Nylon Locknut

I have 2 designs, and i want to ask wich one is better? Closed or not closed on the end ? 20190223_185033

Some picures mounted on my board: 20190212_235209 20190212_235704 20190212_235732 20190223_185748 20190223_185811 20190223_185925 20190223_190048

Im also making wheel pulleys for Kegel / Abec wheels, if you will order with this set, i will make some discount: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/abec-orangatang-kegel-wheel-pulleys-from-29t-to-44t-evolve-gt-gtx-compatible/72188

I want to take preorders, and i will sell for 13 Euros/set , only for Preorders ! I can make them in around 1-2weeks .

Thank you !


Simple good design. Stick with closed arm. Also could add holes for pulley cover And you could make metal pulleys as well

So the mount is s355 and not aluminium right?. Have you checked the straightness of the mount? Usually steel flat bar differs quite a lot so it can be hard/impossible to get it lined up correctly

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I tested it on my board riding it. I had no issues lineing up. I also have some videos, how i can add them?

I have this video on Electric skateboard club:

Also saw metal pulleys in your pictures…from where did u order / get these?

Wow, steel :smiley: That sounds nice. Have you considered steel clamps too?

I used to work at a waterjet machine shop and I recognize tool marks when I see them :wink:


What is the center-to-center distance between the wheel axle and the motor axle? Some range like 70mm to 95mm or whatever is what I’m asking. (those are example numbers only) I like the closed-end one better

Have you considered a series of round holes instead of oval holes around the hanger? That way it’s adjustable (though not as much) but once you set it, it’s impossible for it to move on you

I prefer open end. Makes it easy to remove motors without removing pulleys.


Thanks. Center to center distace from around 71mm to 80mm .

It has round holes, can be adjusted , see the first photo :slight_smile:

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I think you have to be a regular to sell stuff on this forum.

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You can sell things if they are in-stock as a Level 2 but to take preorders or group buys the rules say you have to be Level 3 or have someone that is organize it for you

Ah! Thanks for the correction. So i guess it’s still valid here since he is trying to start a pre-order?

I mean so that to adjust it, you have to remove the bolts and put them in a different hole. And the holes are all very close together, almost touching

The mods will have to weigh in on that

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I prefer the open end. Makes it easier for me to remove a pulley from the motor if the setscrew gets damaged. I can simply slide the motor out and it gives me more room to work with.

Also, when doing a dual drive build with limited motor space, it’s easier to mount the 2nd motor by sliding it in after attaching the mount to the truck, instead of attaching the motor to the mount first.


Why no stainless? Too expensive?

Regular steel is actually stronger, if not for the pesky eyesore that is rust.

Sorry i did not know that i cannot make preorders . Just wanted to make some better prices for the first orders :slight_smile:

You can sell items you have on hand ready to ship but must be trust level 3 in order to do group buys, sorry for the inconvenience but this is only to keep our members safe.