160:1 gearing ratio

so my friend just showed me his idea 0f 160:1 gearing he used custom high kv drill over 300 kV low torque and was able to vertically lift 300 lbs is there any practical use for this should he patent it? image this could be really good for budget boards (cheap motors high kv ) low voltage (crazy torque) if anyone wants to try he can ship em out for 50-100 + shipping


Its a gearbox. Been around for awhile. No need to patent. Theres a youtube channel which i cant remember the name of where all he does is print transmissions. Its pretty cool. Im afraid it would have 0 practical impact on a esk8 application.

If hes up for the task force him to do geared hubmotors. Hasnt been done properly yet. Its should right up his alley. (Preferably V shaped gear for noise reduction)


thanks ill ask him he custom made gear box shown

If it is 3d printed, no it won’t work. The whole point of a good motor is that it has a low kv so gearing can be much easier and smaller difference in size. This thing is so impractical unfortunately. Its massive and finding a motor with a high kv that’s bug enough would be difficult. In the long run, this is far more expensive and guaranteed to be a nightmare unfortunately

No, it’s no use for esk8. The whole point of belts and hubs etc is reducing the number of moving parts, because more moving parts means more friction, and more wasted energy. The more gear reduction you have to do, the more potential for efficiency loss.

Besides, for an average esk8 wheel speed (90mm wheels going 25MPH) of 2400RPM, with a 160:1 gear ratio, the motor would need to spin at 384,000 RPM. Unless you’ve got it coupled directly to the shaft of a small gas turbine engine or a dental handpiece, I don’t think it’s a realistic proposition in the slightest.


I’m curious with what material he’s making these ?

prototype was 3d print working on soft steel ones now

Is your friend the guy who’s in this video?