16s lipo and FVESC 6.6

I’m putting together a 16s graphine lipo battery pack, will be splitting current between four 6.6 FVESC’s. Will the FVESC’s handle 60v?

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it will barely be able to handle 12s bud. please read


16s is far past esk8s current commonplace technology. I don’t even know if we have anything for that… The ARC200 or whatever might be able to do it.

Another option,although not out now, is the MotherFOCer by @shaman.


I hear this way to much, it does not I only does up to 12s

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…wut? :eyes:

E: ah ok the edit makes a little more sense. Nevermind then OP, no arc controller.


A vesc 6 is mostly reliable at 12s. 13s is the absolute max. Running thst close to the vescs limit is going to shorten its life i imagine. You might want a cap on the last inch or so of battery wires if you run 13s.

would 14s (58.8v) not be the absolute max?

I know @Deckoz said 14s should be possible and after using my 13s I totally agree, in theory with good cooling it should be fine, if I had the space in my 13s I would not been able to stop myself trying it at least for a quick test :slight_smile:

It should be fine, just don’t brake!! Anyway I will not try with mine :wink:


What kind of a quest are you on?

What graphenes are you using?

The answer is still, “no”.

If you wanna go fast, just know some of the fastest boards here are 8s but use in runners and high amp escs.

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When I brake on my 13s fully charged it spikes up to 58.x volts :grimacing:. So yeah 14s with no brake is possible.




14S with a brake chopper is possible, you need a proper load to dump the extra power that’s all.

16s on a regular vesc is a no go sorry ! Btw I had two VESC able to take 16s but these are sold so yea ,no.


Maximum voltage is based on the driver chip which is 60V. A 16S pack frys everything unless it was made to handle 16S.

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reminded me of a recent post, if we could find a 13s version and used it with a 14s battery (totally assuming here lol) it would apparently release “through special braking resistor, so the braking voltage will be limited” :slight_smile:

Maytech MTBR1812 Rheostatic Brake (12s) “When regenerative braking voltage exceeding the maximum charging voltage of the battery, BMS switches off, regenerative braking energy cannot be absorbed by the battery, then the controller of the regenerative braking voltage will continue to rise. After the regenerative braking voltage reached 57V, the electronic switch inside the Rheostatic Brake will start, the energy will be released through special braking resistor, so the braking voltage will be limited. The controller will be protected.”

EDIT: @Vanarian is this what you mean?


Yea it’s the same thing!

You need something fast enough to contain transient voltage (random spikes) and endurant enough to be used continuously for some time (needed for braking at full battery).

Edit : is the Maytech unit really triggering at 57v? Cause it is rated for 12S so I’d expect it to trigger at 50v for example. Tricky part with brake choppers is you need one tailored to your battery voltage or it will be useless.


I wonder if someone like @Martinsp might be able to make us a variable voltage one :wink:

You need to contact @shaman as I dont think he has really started developing a vesc for a 60v battery but he is the only one I know that is here that is working on it. To answer your question in the OP no

I love how at this point, esk8’s are tapping into ebike territory.

somebody please create a 100v vesc


Go check VESC forum there are 75v versions available :+1:t4: