16s lipo bms wiring

Hi guys.

I’m hoping someone can rescue me here as I have recommended a 16s lipo setup for a friend for his ebike.

I told him to order a 45a 16s BMS and it has turned up with no instructions. Also the board itself has no markings.

My problem is that the board had 15 leads for balancing. And also another plug with 3 leads.

I’ve no idea what’s what. I thought a 16s BMS would have 17 (possibly 16 at least) balancing leads. IMG_20190630_180131

Do you think they have sent the wrong one?

Also, what is the 3 pin plug for?

Do you have the name of the bms ? generally the company provides schematics on it’s website

also, make sure that the bms is a 16s lipo/ lithium ion bms, or else 16s could mean 16s Lipofe4 bms which has a lower voltage

Oh yes absolutely. Good point. I did specify the lipo chemistry to him.

It’s from Banggood. The pictures show a different version to the one they have sent.