170kv or 200kv for E-Longboard on 6s?

Hi, i want to built a E-Longboard using the parts from Alienpowersystem. I will use the Alien Drive System with 15t/32t Pulleys. For battery i want to use a 6s Lipo >5000maH. ESC is a 150a Hobbywing but i will change to VESC in summer.

I can’t decide between these two Motors: Alien 6374 Sensored Outrunner brushless motor 170KV 3200W or Alien 6374 Outrunner brushless motor 200KV 3200W

Which one will you prefer and why ?

Thanks Tom

Use 245KV so you get little higher top speed (and efficiency?).

Edit i noticed you have 32T wheel pulley. I prefer to use 36T

You might wanna get the 170Kv one. If you get the 170kv you still got the ability to upgrade to 12s for more speed.

Thanks !

I think i will go for the 170kv - many people are using this motor on 6s… It should have a lot of torque (my weight is ~95kg) and a max speed ~28kph (17,2mph) on 15/32 gear.

At least - should i go for a sensored Motor ? Or a “normal” Motor - without sensors.

My ESC has no sensor connection - but maybe i will change to VESC someday …

What would you prefer ? (the sensored one is not in stock, the other one is in stock) Tom

I dont think you will be abke to go 28 km/hour with a 170kv motor on 6s… I had a board running 6s with a 230kv mitor. The max speed was 25km/hour with 32/14 pulleys on 90mm wheels… The torque was not that great though - a lot of cogging at start up. Am am 75kg btw.