180mm or 218mm trucks?

Hey all. So it is my first build and I am building a single motor, outrunner setup. I am debating whether I should go with a more standard-ish 180mm truck or a wider 218mm. My setup will be: 10s3p batt, Vesc-X, 6374 190kv DIY motor, 16-36 gearing, 90mm wheels. Assuming I would be happy with the single motor setup, I could go with the more standard 180mm trucks. But, if I feel down the road I need more power, I could just add a second 6374 motor to the larger truck setup. That seems like the obvious and more future proof choice, but I am concerned about the difference in the ride between the two trucks. Total newbie to the riding world, so I default to your experience and expertise! By the way, both trucks are from . Links to both below. Thanks! 180mm trucks: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-v2-pro-trucks/ 218mm trucks: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-218mm-trucks/

Don’t just stick your toes in the pool. Dive in head first! Get the 218mm trucks and build a dual 6374 6000watt monster! And don’t settle for a 10s3p, better get a 10s5p or 6p And some 40T wheel pulleys on those 90mm wheels so you can lay down some serious rubber! Hey, it’s only money…


hahaha I like the way you think!! But, the rest of my foot will have to wait. Trying to save where I can lol. Limited to 10s3p due to physical dimensions of the board. (It’s gonna fold :hushed:)

I’m just having little fun with you. I understand that you need to keep it reasonable. If you do a 10s3p, don’t use Samsung 25R’s, use 30Qs they might be a bit more expensive but it will be well worth it. Super wide trucks should give you better stability but will likely reduce your turning radius so keep that in mind. Did you say your gonna make a folding board? If so, you might be better off just using a couple Lipos because even a 10s3p with 18650’s will be rather large unless you stack them tall and mount the battery on top or loose your ground clearance underneath.

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What is the actual difference between the 25r’s and the 30Q’s? How much more are they? What is the downside of using the 25r’s (since I prob will end up with them due to cost anyway)?

Lipo’s are out of the question. I’ve used them for years on other RC things and know the pain in the ass they are when it comes to charging. Worth it to me to just be able to throw a standard wall charger in a back pack and go.

My physical limits are 10" x 8" x 1.5". I found a 10s3p pack, from a builder on here, that measures 10" x 5" x 1", so it would be a pretty perfect fit.

218mm, it gives you more motor options, even if you don’t go massive strait away. Even dual 5065 motors with 15mm belts wont fit on a standard truck. You want 15mm belts as they are much more reliable than narrower ones.

The 9mm belts on my dual drive are very reliable. Never broke a belt yet. 15mm is a little extreme. I’ve seen it bend a motor plate when too tight. I think 12mm is s good medium and heavy enough.

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I would be going with a 12mm belt. I think that should be fine

go wider trucks, like @Namasaki mentioned it’ll allow for upgrades in the future.

@torqueboards 218mm trucks are not much more expensive than conventional trucks anyway. i suspect he’s got limited supply so get em while they’re available.

suppose only issue at the moment is the limited amount of mounts that are available for the new trucks, apparently their dimensions are slightly larger than conventional caliber ii trucks.

Yea. I am leaning towards the 218mm trucks for the simple fact that they give me more options in the future. Just worried about the difference in ride, and the width making it less portable (which may defeat the purpose of a folding portable board), but, I still think it’s worth it.

true, turning radius may be affected, but probably adjustable via bushings or how much you tighten them.

not sure what foldable deck you’re using but i can’t imagine it’ll be good for high speed stability. my stiff ass landyatchs deck does ok but only because trucks are tightened all to hell, which makes the turning radius as wide as a car.

Have almost identical setup with a single 6374 and 180mm trucks. Unless you really plan on adding a second 6374 no need to go bigger then 180mm.

Single 6374 is pretty fast. Dual 6374 on just a normal deck you better be careful haha.

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Using the deck from www.goboardup.com

Curious what your setup is? Batt size, wheel size, range, speed? Weight if you don’t mind?

I agree with @Wolfcola - why go wider than you need? If you want dual motors later you can do dual diagonal too.

Looking at the folding board - i don’t think you’ll be able to fold w/ motor attached…

cool idea - look forward to seeing your build!

do the 218mm trucks allow room for dual 6374??? this is something that i might be interested in…

I’m not actually sure what I need. Never ridden one, so I won’t really know what kind of performance I am going to get until it’s done. From what I am reading, the single 6374 190kv motor SHOULD be enough. But, I would hate to build it, not be happy with it, and then have to buy two whole new, smaller motors, pulleys, gears etc…for a dual setup. Is diagonal mounting really ideal?

I probably won’t be able to fold it all the way like it does without the motor(s) on it, but it will still be way more portable than if it didn’t fold at all.

According to the people I have spoken to over at DIY electronics, the 218mm trucks will fit twin 6374 motors

well, i run a single 6374 192kv…only reaason id be interested in going dual doesnt even have to do with not feeling like i have enough power, this thing has tons. I’m just worried about a worst case scenario and my motor fails downhill mid ride, i only have 1 motor to rely on. if i was running 2 motors and i snapped one belt, i would likely still be able to gently ride home and repair the damage without crashing at the bottom of the hill… i know its extreme but its reason enough for me to want to invest in dual drive.

i had to just replace my 6374 earlier today because there was a bad rattle inside of it and i tried to open it up ended up stripping 2 of the can side screws and i stupidly tried to drill it out but drilled crooked and destroyed one thread all together and one of them is partially drilled and cant be opened. lesson learned.

Damn! That’s unfortunate man. Thats a great point you make about losing your only motor and no longer having a break. Didn’t think of that. How is your braking with the single 6374 by the way? Enough Stopping power? Enough power for reasonable hill climbs?