18650 15A or 20A

ok guys i need some help here. bit unsure whats best.

everyone seems to be using 3000mah 15A 30Q correct?

mate of mine builds paks and repairs for eBikes. he said because i am gonna use 2x 6384s 4000watt (12s4p)

i should order the 18650 samsung-25r 2500mah 20A

so what 18650,s should i order? the 20A are cheaper from nkon.nl (144ish) the 15A are 184euro for 50piece

any help would be great

30q are better


Ill save you the trouble of search.

I’d say 30q but I’ve basically completed my board and have ridden it a couple times but I feel like I’m not getting the range I want. I’m using samsung 30q batteries in 10s2p and am getting around an estimated 6km max? That just doesn’t seem right to me. According to the battery module I use I cannot charge the board past 87% which might be the start of the problem. If anyone has any idea on what to do to fix this or any ideas whatsoever please let me know

Or Sanyo NCR 20700B or A :wink:


It might be undercharged and high voltage cut off. Or you ride very aggressively :confused:

not charging past 87 sounds like a bms issue… could be a charger issue but less likely… a few of my packs all tend to stop at 99% (as per my LCD meter), u should get like 16km max on agressive riding if my math is right

So the 30q just come out better in the bench tests bassicly correct? And 90% are using them Was just worried that the 6384s 4000wat wpuld be to much for the 30q as i have 0 experience with them

I have read somewhere that as long as temperature is kept in check, the 30Qs can teach 20A continuous, I think it’s somewhere around 80c

Please open a new thread instead of asking in this one. That way we can stay on topic :smiley:

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I had this exact same issue the case was not all the bms wires were fully plugged in and also was caused because was not using a charger made for that voltage

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Ask yourself if your controllers can handle more… Now a days I see everybody going bigger and bigger… For sure it’s nice to have big motors, but honestly, I guess most even can’t use 70% of the capability of there motors. If there is a bottle neck somewhere you can’t get full performance. So let’s look on the 6384 4000w motors You run 12s, means 4000w/44,4v=90A Don’t know which esc you use but for this you need one able to handle 90a constant. 90a constant for single motor, 180a for dual… So to get the power you could get out of your board you need a battery, able to deliver 180a constant… Sorry to say but a 12s4p is far away from this. Even with a pack of VTC5A and 35A it’s still not enough


Should I consider replacing the BMS? Do you have a link to the BMS your using

Do you know what charger you use right now, I’m using a 42v 2a charger do you think that’ll work?

That is the right voltage for the charger

where’s the best price for the 30Q now? looking for 50

I got mine from imr battery (I’m 90% sure they are legit Haven’t seen anything wrong but you never know). The company was really good with shipping as I live in Canada and included casings made of plastic and cardboard. eBay has some I believe on mass sale so 50 or 100 lots. Just make sure they are a trusted seller

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Does anyone know where I could get a good Quilty 10s BMS for my 10s2p battery pack? I’m starting to believe my BMS is garbage

Worth every penny there are more features then are mentioned in the description E-switch wireless switching tracking over time. i haven’t been using them for crazy long but i have 3 and 0 issues with any of them as far as i know.

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I am planning on getting the foc esc.s