18650 battery configuration

Hi i was wondering if someone could help me with my setup.

i have bought 50 LG HE4 18650 cells. I plan to make them into a 10S configuration.

I have a 10S 60A BMS.

How should i arrange the cells. And what precautions should i use. Would it be good to use a fuse. If so where should i place it?

I plan on absolut max draw 50A. but i dont find i ever use that much.

Can i just make 10x packs with 5 cells in each and then connect the 5 cells in parrelel and then attach a XT60 connetor to the end of the cell and then connect all of the 10x 5 Cells. and remember to connect the ballance leads from the BMS?

Uh… yeah. Exactly. Spotweld that sh*t.

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