18650 battery explosion

I been building my own electric longboard for a while now . I lost my job due to it closing down so haven’t had the money to buy batteries but I had multiple laptops around as I used to repair laptops so I took out the batteries and used them to make a 12s battery. what I didn’t realize is that I muddled them up with fake 18650 batteries and 2 ended up in my pack :frowning: which inevitably blew up . I was was riding for around 5 mins and I heard a weird hissing noise and lost power, looked down and a lot of smoke was firing from the side of my board. I knew exactly what it was so I jumped off and flipped over the board and disconnected the vesc from the battery pack . I then preceded to remove the battery which thankfully was only velcro’d to the deck BUT as I did that the negative terminal of the battery fired off with a loud bang hitting my foot . Lucky I managed to get the battery off my deck and threw it into the road incase it exploded or set on fire (I was testing in a blocked off road). What I took away from this experience is to just wait and buy batteries IMG_20180615_165037|281x500IMG_20180615_165041IMG_20180615_165519IMG_20180615_165529IMG_20180615_165047

The black on my shoe is what came out of the battery as the negative terminal fired off .


Damn dude, that blows.


Yah sorry to hear it thanks for sharing though good to stop future would be yous from falling in the same trap :slight_smile:


Oh no, dude one of the batt doesn’t even have wrap. u were asking for trouble.

Don’t mess with the battery. not worth it

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Glad you’re okay.

You can DIY a lot of shit in life but don’t diy a battery unless you’ve done your research.


this is why I rather pay top dollar for a quality build. I’m glad you’re ok


It did have wrap but it melted :confused:

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You are really lucky that you were able to get the batteries off the board. if it had been my board I would have just had to sit there and watch it burn.

Maybe we need explosive bolts on the battery pack and an ejection system.

Your conclusion is correct - if you mix a bunch of batteries of unknown origin you’ll likely have trouble.

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did the electronics survive?

Maybe we ought to stop using enclosures :grin:

Laptop batteries are not suitable for esk8. Very low C and therefore very high temperature. On top of that if you mix them…you are asking for a fire. Anyway i am glad you are ok. Seems you saved the rest of the parts.

Yes the electronics are fine which I’m suprised about.

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