18650 battery group buy

Anyone in Canada or usa let me know if your interested. Im thinking it will be from either https://liionwholesale.com or https://batterybro.com

Depending on the price. Might be interested in 30Q.

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I’m down to get Samsung 30Q or 25r

Depending on the price too, Interested on 25r, 30q or Lg`s ones

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Id like to pick up 40 of the 30Q at a good price

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Interested in liionwholesale group buy, 30Q

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Ok so i contacted LiIonWholesale and they said they can ship to each individual address but they only ship to North America (Canada, Usa, Mexico).

Not sure if you guys moved forward with this or not.

I am interested and am in Canada.

definitely interested in getting about 40 of the samsung 30q’s

interested from canada. but depends on price tho. has to be under $4per cell

Interested in 30qs would buy around 30-40

Didn’t grab any yet so I am in too!

30q is good for me as well. Onepunch, the premium for the 30q is worth the extra capacity. Price would be 4.95 a cell. If we all ordered 40 each than the shipping would come to 41.02USD

Where is everyone located?

I am in Caledon, but commute to toronto for work.

i actually ended up buying mine alone from nkon.com because the price was great and bulk discounts only took of like $10 or $20. But i might be doing another order of 30qs from nkon if anyone wants to join in

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What are the prices?

What was the shipping time like for you?

Seems much cheaper, did you get hit with duties?

it took about a month to get to me up in canada. And i did get a 50 duty

@Conor and All - group buys can only be arranged by L3 members. We established this policy to reduce risk to members who join group buys. Thanks.


I saw this rule but in this case it seems that would leave us SOL unless you have a suggestion?

@killahbee @Conor you can ask a more senior\L3 member to organize the buy, or you can hang out here a bit longer and you’ll eventually be L3 yourselves. If you are just coordinating between a few people you can take it “offline.” We’ve had a few group buys go badly and we’re trying to help protect everyone.