18650 battery pack without soldering and bms

Hi guys I found a way that use a pvc pipe as 18650 holder. Like this video

Is It suitable for e board

I want to built 6s 3p 18650 like this .

Could you provide the suggestion?

wooooo 41 volts and it looks like he might have just touched both poles!!! maybe not but he’s pretty casual about it. blow your finger off or i think he could be dead soon.

if you’re interested in making a solderless battery pack they’re all about it on endless-sphere. I’m all about it and my batteries and magnets are both scheduled for delivery today!! just need the copper.

but the connector material he uses and the pressure applied??? he doesn’t explain much at all.

copper stripping .05" thick or even thinner and layered over and around magnet connections is exciting to me and showing a lot of promise with real testing on es. that seems to be the nicest solderless method I’ve come across and with really low resistance and allows some flexibility in the pack without compromising the connection. that plastic tube would bend maybe with a board and although it might not lose connection if the connection contact area decreases resistance will go up and throw the cells out of balance as well as possibly worse. nice nickel on nickel contact at least. the magnet packs I’ve seen that were successful were using 10mm x 3mm magnets which give about 7lbs of pressure. n48 or n50 niodimium. you can get galvanic corrosion between different contact materials though. most magnets are nickel plated though. the copper is so desirable as it’s like 4 times as conductive as nickel…just need to protect the connections with paste or even vasaline you could also easily further plate with nickel (copper or magnets) as well and increase the conductivity there and possibly do all magnet connections with no copper would be cool and thought about that but…cost more and not as flexible. the contact area with very thin copper sheeting and magnets is a huge boon as apposed to either tiny connection area with spot welding or solder has a lot of resistance as well as other problems. electrically conductive paste has huge potential and that tech these days is great. I wonder how just some good rubberbands and conductive paste would do. you can keep an eye on how the connections are doing with some simple resistance tesing of the pack and subtract the cells resistance. all about getting low resistance and you CAN get lower than spot welded or soldered definitely

Thx hummie On the pvc top cover with Screw thread.

I think the pvc pipe bottoms is fixed on pipe by glue

So he can pressure 18650

Similar design like this thread

http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/diy-battery-packs/533 without pvc

Because i want to built 6s (24v)

I think it is much safe than 41 v