18650 battery pack

Can someone help me find a seller of bulk 18650 Samsung battery’s I want to build a 12s5p or 12s4p I think I need a about 50-60 battery’s

Where are you located?

I live in Houston tx

Houston tx

https://www.imrbatteries.com/cart.php, in your town dude.


I get all my batteries from then. Impeccable The more you get better price per cell

Just got a bunch from liion, they test then individually also great resource :rofl:

When I do 100 cell order they come sealed from factory carton. So far 400 plus batteries bought zero bad.

How many battery do I need for a 12s5p and how many do I need for a 12s4p

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Awesome! I’m down in Montrose! You?

48 batteries for 12s4p

These guys are a dependable and reputable source for Li-ion cells.

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What’s up man my cheap lipos cut out on me they were trash so I’m trying to build a battery pack

From imr I would order exact number. Before I would go 2 over because of bad cells from other places

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cool I’m going with mr does anybody know how to wire a bms

Speaking to him and there are a few others


This one is ready for heat shrink 12s4p

With Vedder led push button latching power switch and replaceable fuse

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