18650 battery pack

I tried to order over 50 from ru.nkon.nl yesterday and it wouldn’t let me. Not enough stock possibly? Was trying to ship conus. I could order a few, just not enough.

I was lucky to find imr in my back yard ( Huston) and I’m in Austin so it works out perfect. I don’t have to shelf batteries for any amount of time. They overnight and always in stock.

How many volts and what’s the mah on that pack

And I need atlease 70 amps continuous

It’s made with Samsung 18650 30q 52v max charge, 44.4v continuous 12000 mah and 80 amps 530 wh.

you building these? can you ship to aus?

Yes, I build them. As far as shipping overseas, I have a feeling its expensive shipping, takes long and will cost you more in your countries duty fees. Im going to talk with my ups agent and see just what the deal sand try to get as much info as possible. I will get back to you

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Yes, most probably out of stock. I think they have a weekly reload. You can try again another day.