18650 battery status

I had these 18650 for my “custom” battery bank Are they worn out? Or are they in a healthy state? I honestly can’t determine coz I never encounter such a thing before. No intentions for esk8 build. Just wondering

What voltage is each cell able to hold?

Use a multimeter first

Looks like they have physical damage. I wouldn’t use cells like that for any application. That’s my opinion anyway.

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Smart charger is probably your best bet.

But yes, multimeter/voltage test before that might be a good choice, too, to see whenever they are in the ‘‘correct’’ voltage region.

Im also seeing some signs of smashed/bent metal on + size, plus it kind of looks like wrapping has been melt in some way.

Is there a way to test the capacity of a cell besides charging to 4.2v and meassuring with a voltmeter to check if it indeed has 4.2v?

Do I need a hobby charger/discharger to test the real capacity?

Thats not the way you measure capacity, you just measure max voltage. Hobby charger can measure it.

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Left to right: 3.35 3.41 3.34 3.35 3.32

@Trans-amers what happened to cause the browning and damage to the covers? Also, are the positive terminals dented inward? Despite the voltage they might be holding, physically damaged batteries are a risk. I would just recycle these and buy some new ones. You’re talking about $40 versus a potential fire hazard.

Voltages seem to be somewhat consistent, so I assume they were connected together as a pack before?

Can you shed some details in whcih device/ for what application was these batteries used for?

Agree about watching out… U dont want to accidentally short the batteries and for sustained use… maybe a fireproof bag indeed might be a wise idea, if u dont know the specifics about the battery past.