18650 charger problem

Hi I have this cheap Chinese charger een is kinda beeps we u change 18650 and the led kinda fades any one else have this problem

Check voltage of cell’s you want to charge… I think if it is below 3.0, they don’t always charge them…

Another option is that it has just died…

Not an electronics expert but I had a similar one and stopped charged… In my case light was always green (no red)… after further inspection one wire had come loose… Soldered it in place and it started working again… so yeah, not quite sure what’s your case. I think some of these have even analogue circuits to charge the battery… with resistors and such.

even wit a full sell it bees like a f ing bom

weird. I also have the dual battery charger, it does not beep… it only gives off a slight hum sound if it is charging.