18650 group buy (EU) CLOSES SOON!

Hey folks, I am going to buy some 18650 cells (Samsung 30Q) from nkon.nl. So i decided to make it as a group buy that we maybe can profit from the group discount.

I am located in germany. Shipping can be choosen and calculated at a later time for each person individually. I planed to buy the cells this year. if you are interessted write me a pm!!! Then i will update this post with the summary. This thread is only for Q&A!

Me: 80 cells @TarzanHBK: 80 cells

Current price per cell: 3,80€

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Why go through all the trouble to save 10€: https://eu.nkon.nl/rechargeable/18650-size/sanyo-18650ga.html

what setup do you want to build them? These are all low output cells, the max output is 15A, so not really healthy in a standard 10s4p for example

Well with 100 cells he maybe plans on doing some cracy 10S10P pack :wink:

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and even that will only lead to a healthy 50amp output! There are much cheaper cells with higher output in an pack like that.

Nkon = 90 cells a 3,95€ ES = cell a 3,59$ = 3,29€ Difference per cell: 0,66€ 100 Cells = 66€

I would save at least 66€ and i could save more when i buy the removed weld cells :wink:

if you do the calculation on 90cells you also have to take the 90cell price from ES which is 3.79$

nkon goes as low as €3.65 with the right amount of cells. Also you get a receipt and tax invoice - not sure what will happen when something goes wrong with the ES cells. Probably no warranty of any kind.

I just heared good things about tumich!

4P, 4 cells in parallel at 15 Amps will make it a 60 amp pack, that’s plenty for a 10S pack?

no go got that wrong. He like to get the sano ga which is ok to use at about 5amp before you start killing it. so even in a 10s10p ga kit, it would deliver 50amp and who wants to carry a board with 100 cells.

So im wondering what you are about to do @DeathCookies :smiley:?

The Sanyo are rated at 10A per cell - where does the 5A number come from?

they are 8A rated, 10A absolute max. and healthy at 5A


We need some energy data (how much a eboard needs…)

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also they have nearly double the internal resistance of a samsung 25r - more heat

that is a panasonic chart

That is the Sanyo GA battery :wink:

Before we can say for sure that 10S @ 40A is too less we need people to log the power consumption.

looks like its the same.

a hill and 100kg is probably too much for a 40amp regulated vesc.

and you´ll always want to have a bit room don´t you? Even on a 80amp battery im fearing of hurting the battery going full throttle :smiley:

so which config do you like to go? 10sXp? and what other components? how much do you weight? just tell me a bit more about what your plan is dude :smiley:

12S8P CutOff at 2,5V ChargeEnd at 4V 65Kg

Ha! 12s8p crazy :monkey: that could actually work well at your weight :smiley:

But Jesus that big battery!