18650 group buy

so some people in another thread where talking about this. anyone in the usa or canada want to go in on a group buy for some samsung 25R or LG HE4 or HG2 (no HE2 they are weaker then the HE4)

:this thread is to just gauge interest for the moment:

I’m in not sure whose gonna organize this or what amount but I’m in

i would be willing to do they buy, i have account on Alibaba and have bought a few things from there.

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@delta_19 I’m interested.

@delta_19 where are you located? We’d need to make sure that shipping costs don’t eat away at the group discount.

I buy a lot thru alibaba you gotta be careful they my be fakes. I think I’d feel more comfortable buying proven cells from Samsung. Most 18650 cells are garbage

canada about 1 and half hours from the border.

I’m in Chicago ,IL. If you guys want to organize it thru the usa

i bought my 18650s from alibaba and they are legit samsungs, have all the markings and discharge curves match.


Excellent! :slight_smile: just wanted to be sure!

How’s the capacity lookin on yours?

@delta_19 @barajabali let’s see how many people are interested and where they are from. In the meantime, @delta_19 how many do we need to buy to benefit from a group discount?

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i would say 400 - 500

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I have a supplier in the USA that tests all of their cells. They are legit. I would he able to pick up the cells so that save shipping costs… I’m in PA. LiIon whole sale search them on google

5.15 for 25r before shipping cost

Alibaba is 3 before shipping, and that’s if you don’t look

I don’t want to mess with buying cells from alibaba. LiIon tests all of their cells, and are an established company. There would be no shipping cost to me and I would be willing to distribute them. An shipping times on Alibaba…

Here are some prices / bulk


Samsung 25R

Panasonic NCR18650B

Here is a link to their website

It is a long drive so I would need a few hundred cells to buy to make it worth my time

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I like this idea save on cells and shipping. True team player!!

has anyone made a “business” account and bought cells from here: https://batterybro.com/collections/all

They seem super legit, and we could organize a big enough group that it would have a legit business vibe as opposed to just some personal account buying 70 cells or something.

If other people want to buy from alibaba go ahead i just wont be joining, and I have seen them just never purchased from them, their prices are a bit higher and shipping costs to the distributor… @cmatson

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BatteryBro.com is pretty legit too. They are probably hugely busy though.