18650 Li-ion vs LiPo Battery

Which is better in terms of: -Performance -Longevity/Durability -Safety

I am trying to decide between a 6s2p setup with these LiPo batteries or a 6s4p setup with these 18650 Samsung batteries.

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If you can make your pack with 18650s then that’s the winner on all three metrics you’ve asked about.

They’re safer than LiPo’s? Can you explain?

@FrozenFury In our esk8 apllication, they are more resistant to physical damage, and less prone to damage due to under/over discharge (mainly because they are usually paired w a BMS). A quick search might shed additional light on this for you.

Either can be a great choice, I use both.

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Samsung 25R cells also have internal protection for added safety. All 18650 batteries sold in the US are required to have CID and PTC protection. Check out Battery Bro! Good read, great info!

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saw this one?