18650 Solutions if You Don't Have Spotwelder

Would it be possible to create a 6s2p DIY pack with these and wire them up to a bms if I don’t have access to a spotwelder? I could buy 6 holders.

https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=72138&start=32 saw this on endless sphere. slightly different holders though. I dont think a spring is sturdy enough to handle the vibrations but u could try it for science! you could always try soldering like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4aW_i-EAoc

I have about 30 samsung 18650s laying around and I’m determined to find a simple solution without access to a spotwelder. I’ll try it for science. I could also 3d print an enclosure for the holders to keep everything snug.

This comes with 6 and is only 5 bucks shipped and will get to me in 2 days. So it’s worth a shot.

cool man. do a build thread while you go with it. i will try soldering a pack next year sometime. building a spot welder seems like such a pain.

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This would allow me to solder larger gauge wires.

I have a bunch of these and haven’t tried to tackle it yet…

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yeah, i would go with those instead. they look lower profile too. you could glue them in there so the wont pop out

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I could also shrink wrap when I’m done. The last one I posted looks like the highest quality.

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Just ordered a bunch of them with expedited shipping. The nice thing is I can have it 100% wired up without even touching the batteries.

So in the end you will probably save maybe 100usd from ordering a space cell when i priced some things out. I dont know if it is worth it for me.

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I think the biggest advantage of making your own is being able to create any shaped pack you want… I’d love a pack made of small sections (like the ego) so you could use a flexible deck, but still have range unlike a boosted board.

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I see where you are coming from but I have some time off from school and it would be a fun project for me.

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I spot weld the packs in my boards but personally I don’t see any issues with soldering the connections directly to the cell. If you use a very large iron, at least 80 watts, the time the cell is exposed to heat is very small and not much heat if any is transferred into the cell.

Honestly the only reason to use a spot welder is if you need to build packs quickly or lack the skills needed to solder quickly.

When I have time I will post a tutorial on our pack design. They are built in the same fashion as Tesla packs and in my opinion the only sane way it should be done. Each cell is fitted with cell level fuses to insure you never burn your house down.


If I may I’d like to play devil’s advocate and ask if anyone has tried Spot Weld conductive silver epoxy for battery jumper connections? It’s quite expensive but I doubt you need much and the tensile strength of the bond is supposed to be quite strong. I’m pretty good with an iron but always open to new methods. For instance, with the advent of PEX I swear ai will never sweat a copper joint again, price be damned.

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I don’t think that small 18650 holder would work. I would imagine it’s for low amps only.

You are right. Being the expert on this seeing as I’m the only one ever make a pack like this. Those sleds on Amazon are too weak you need to get vape sleds and wire them with 12 awg or higher.

Could this solution work? http://vruzend.com/product-tag/no-weld-diy-battery-kit/

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I have been thinking about a way to assemble a 6s5p with holders like that, it allows you to replace individual cells without having to mess with the entire pack, maybe just cut the shrinking wrap. but I still think those holders are quite expensive and I haven’t found any interesting one on AliExpress.

send pictures when yours is done.