18650s or lipo Which make more sense in the long run?

take that at around 50amps or more and you’d be good

I plan to have a 10S, don’t have a LiPo charger, so I figured 18650 gonna be more comfortable for me since I can use one of these cheap hoverboard chargers for 20 bucks. So guessing it as well depends on what you already have, if you have a LiPo charger at home, then this might be the cheaper way to go.

This one was not bad either: http://www.radicalcreation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=24

I still am curious on weather a bms is a good thing to use or not with these cells and if im running a vesc then wouldnt i be fine anyway? What would be the best cells for an electric skateboard btw lg, panasonic, samsung? let me know what u guys think

IMO a bms is not necessary for a eBoard. Using a low voltage alarm (lipo saver) integrated to the battery enclosure with a on/off switch and VESC low voltage cut off is enough. Is economical and makes the enclosure slimmer.

About the cell I just go with the A123

This are the most safer cells in the market, I once dropped a big pack 14000 mAh and one of the cell broke leaking electrolytic fluid and that thing did not even smoke just got a little hot and I was able to detache the cell and save the pack. This do not happen with any other lithium chemistry.

This link is for the official distributor in the USA if you buy more than 10 they come out at $ 9.95. Considering the safety ,abuse tolerance and 1000+ cycle life one of the best option.



Thanks a ton for the link bro im most likely going to go with these for my build now

@Kaly what charger do you use to charge the packs you make with A123 cells?

-I’ve thought the same thing, but without a BMS you need an intelligent charger to balance the cells, right? So I think the trade-off is either having a BMS in the enclosure, or a charger that needs a balance port and at least some programming every time you use it. I’m considering bypassing the BMS in my new battery build during discharge; the main benefit I see to a BMS is easy charging and portability of the charger.

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I use a icharger 306B

Paired with 2 of this power supply http://www.2zo-rc.com

This give me 1000wh charging capability and can charge my 2 boards at once in 1hr or less if I want to do a fast charge.

The icharger can store in memory 10 charging configuration, so there’s no need to program every time it needs to be use.

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cells are great only disadvantage i see are the mah

A hoverboard charger works with li-ion?

Hoverboards are lithium ion and 10S so yes.

Hey bro i need your help i want to build my own e longboard i am using dual motor setup. 280kv 12s motors. 15 pulley to 36 pulley. 97mm wheels 80 a 12s esc . I want top speed of around 60kmph on flat roads what u think which battery would i need to get that speed . My friends have top speed of 40 kmph they are riding from long 1 years and i love to watch them but i have tight budget around 500$

A 60 km/h board is not going to happen for $500. The ESC you found doesn’t seem to have any sort of safe braking mechanism, something you really want on a board going 60km/h.

speed is not something what is much affected by budged. It´s all about good gearing. @lowGuido just build a board for 350$ i think and it´s easy to modify the gearing ratio to whatever speed you like :wink: The downside is that you lose torque.

^^^ Agree. Although with an 80 Amp ESC you could run higher amperage to get that torque back. Then you’d melt your range, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do.

You’ll need a pretty powerful motor and battery to overcome the need for more torque. Wind resistance is a pretty big factor at those speeds!