18s - 12V converter for headlights

Building a 18s battery. I have lacroix headlights, i know they go up to 2000 lumens but idk how much amps they pull. All i know is i need a 12v converter. I found this one that handles higher voltages.

Watching ebike headlight videos i seems like i have to unplug the DC converter so its not constantly draining the battery? I dont think im going to do this when its inside an enclosure.

Theres 2 headlights, how are they both wired up to the converter? Any specific tutorials for this?

Show us the specifications for the lights

-Powered by two CREE XM L2 U2 LEDs (2200 lumens total) (2 leds in each light)


-(CNLinko LP-12) connector

-4 power modes; 10%, 40%, 70%, 100%

Would this be what im looking for? Just simply plug into the battery and wiring up my lights to the converter? https://www.amazon.ca/Converter-Transformer-48V-120V-Regulator-Electric/dp/B0789N9SB2/

I don’t know what voltage those LaCroix lights work at, and I don’t see it listed. I would contact the manufacturer and ask.

Once you know that, you can move forward.

(They only say “Compatible with all our models” but don’t give any numbers)

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Their lights run on 12v, and can output at 1amp max on the brightest setting.

They said it looks like the converter would work but can say for sure, and they have safety circuits in place to avoid failures and i should be careful on how its wired up