18T vs 19T pulley on a prebuilt board

I ordered a single-drive metroboard with 97 mm wheels and a 20 mile battery, with an advertised top speed of 24 mph.

ABEC-11 97 MM Flywheels (78A) 36V 8AH Lithium Slim Battery 3000 Watt Peak / 600 Watt Continuous Brushless 6374 Outrunner Motor 18 mm Wide Timing Belt

It comes with an 18T pulley. If I upgrade to a 19T pulley, what is the trade-off? I know I gain about 1-2 MPH. I know I lose 5%-10% max range. How much torque am I losing? Is the increase in MPH worth the loss in range, or should I stick with the 18T pulley for the best lifespan of the single-drive?

I know this forum is generally against pre-built boards, but I’m not confident enough in my crafting skills to put something together. Any insight on my issue would be greatly appreciated.

Just because you have a Pre-built board doesn’t mean you are not welcome here! You are welcome to bring all your questions here. In my opinion, 1-2 mph gain is not worth walking across the room. Let alone changing your pulley and possibly having to change your belt to accommodate it. And if your gonna give up 5-10% range and some hill climbing torque. Then it’s not worth it. 1-2 mph will not be noticeable at 24 mph Sounds like you got a really nice setup, I would just leave it stock.

I stuck with stock. Thanks for your input.

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have u gotten your metroboard yet if so did u hit 24mph

Why would you lose 10% range by going from 18T to 19T? The difference in gearing ratio is minimal

I’ll be receiving it in two days. Takes about a week to build and then shipping on top of it.

That’s what the owner told me when I asked about it. That was his guess.