192kv 6374 Sk3 | 5 x 2s 5000mAh 20C | BLDC settings

Hey there,

I have a setup without BMS. Are these settings okay?

Motor max/min: 60A/-40A Batt max/min:. 30A/-20A

Maximum input voltage: 42V Battery cutoff start: 33V Battery cutoff end:. 30V

motor OK but i can handle up to 80A max if i remember correctly batter can do 100A so 100A should be max

voltage seems completely off. Max input voltage can/should be the default which is 52. there is no need to mess with this value cutoff start doesnt realy matter as long as its heigher then the min voltage (tbh thats more a guess). Cutoff end is way to low. this would mean that the board will shutdown down when each cell is at 3V which kinda killed the battery allready. you should not go lower then 3.2V per cell which means cutoff end is 32V.

Thank u! I’ve set the battery cutoff start to 35 and end 33. One question, with an 77A BMS would the batt max be 77A?