1S4P 18650 3.7V Holder Case

I was considering making my own pack but then came across this 1s4p.

Going for a 12s4p set up and thought this would make everything much easier if I just bought 12 of these things and connected them to create 12s. No need to make packs and super easy to replace old batteries with new ones. The battery compartment under the board will be made out of silicone with squares in it for each 1s4p pack.

Although another version without the PCM can also be bought. I just need to hear back from the folks on here about potential issues and whether PCM or no PCM is preferable.

I’m thinking this is no good or else people would be posting these in their “build threads” of which I’m yet to see.

They will not handle the amperage you need.

“Maximal continuous Discharging current 5A”

Most 4p li-ion packs are 80A continuous

Thicker sleds and wires is the way to go. Search around. Should be at least 2 other builds using sleds. Just a bit different than yours.

Have a look at my posts here

You find them on aliexpress for 1,30 € a peace. So only 15€ for 12S4P. I run 80 amps through them with no issues. But it involves a lot of soldering. Will build a 12S4P again with them for my flex board. Only issue I have then is a flex enclosure. But maybe someone has good ideas.

Ah yes, forgot about that.

Think @delta_19 works with sleds