1st "Budget" Build

Hello there! So that is my first build of an e-longboard and I wanna ask your opinion about my drivetrain here. And I was searching for a cheap and reliable enclosure for putting my electronic stuff in. I have 6S1P 5 Ah (two 3S batteries) battery and I’ll take it out for charging.(Is there a another solution?)


Don’t know about enclosure as I made my own, but are those a set of purple 83a orangatang kegel’s?


yep and got 'em for 40 bucks off the shelf :grin:


Whose pulley have you used for them, could you give me a close up picture of the back of the wheel and pulley please, I fancy a set of 80a’s to try out

you can use a BMS for bulk charging (or two 3s bms in series works ok too - just won’t balance cells between packs) or create a connector that runs to the outside of the board so you can connect a balance charger without removing the lipos

FWIW I have 12s lipos and I bulk charge them, then rotate them with another set every couple rides and balance charge properly

drivetrain looks great, by the way

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20190331_185422 The motor pulley is 15t 15mm from APS 20190331_185415
The Mount is cnc milled out of aluminum and the motor is a 280kv 1.5kW from Turnigy. 20190331_185409 And the clamp for the wheel pulley is made on a lathe.



Looks fantastic

If the rest of your 1st build is of the same quality, it’s going to be great


The deck is from amazon for 40€ and I don’t why the trucks of this longboard were complete garbage(not mine for the build). I’ll try to sell them. The quality of the deck for this price is ok. I’ll post some pics later.

20190331_193223 I will put 6mm riser pads from APS under the trucks to have a bit more ground clearance later on.


Make sure to take excellent care of your batteries and VESC.

I want to start coating my ESCs and BMSs in conformal coating like @b264, you should probably do the same :+1:

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Does that mean, that I squeeze some silicone or with hot glue into the gaps to seal it? I plan to route the phase wires through cable glands.

Specific materials are needed for effective waterproofing and efficient heat transfer

Hot glue for the little holes in your enclosure is fine, silicone would probably be best

“neutral cure silicone” like “GE Silicone 2+” maybe but definitely never use hot glue

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Might wanna use tupperware or fiberglas for the enclosure.

facts, I got mine today

I had today the first testride. I used a f’in shoebox as a enclosure :smile: Works pretty well so far.

Does it matter if I put l the put loop key out of the enclosure, hanging freely in the air? 20190403_170753

in the enclosure will be harder to remove in an emergency but with it out it could come lose unless its attached properly

Make sure the wiring that is touching the outside of the enclosure won’t wear through the wiring and it should be fine. And it won’t get caught on anything.

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