1st Build Completed!

Aloha, I just wanted to say I finished my 1st build and did my first test ride this afternoon. Electric skateboards are crack with wheels! I had a blast! Cruised through my hood and got a ton of shaka’s from everyone from construction workers to dog walkers. I don’t know how fast it goes, 6S lipo, so probably 18-20 MPH. No glitches, no skipping teeth on belt, has good amount of torque on hills. It could be faster though. I will run it a while and tweak the settings to see if I can improve the top speed. I want to give a shout out to all of the people on the forum who helped me along the way. Especially “ThermalM16” and “Namasaki”. I finally cracked the VESC software code and got the remote to work. It went a lot further then I though it would go. My enclosures are ugly but I will work on that. I will use solar cure resin next time so I have more time to lay my cloth and get it right. I am already planning my next build. Just got my new board in the mail. Check out the pics! I will name my next build. It looks like a rocket and has 3 X’s on the top deck so I was thinking SpaceX, Elon Musk (electric god) so maybe the name of my next build will be “SpaceXXX Porn Rocket”. This one is 45 inches, all show and all go!