1st Build (Fill In The Blanks)

I’ve been lurking for quite some time, reading until I’ve got enough funds for a decent build. I want to build an “Evolve” type board - can switch between AT pneumatic tires and ABECs. Budget is $1500, pushing $2000 when/if needed.

DECK: Evolve GTX Deck / DB Freeride DT 38" / Hummies (if it’s still available)/ Other Suggestions and why

TRUCKS: Surf Rodz RKP 200mm + 70 x 10mm axles / TB 218mm / I could wait for @Brad’s | Other suggestions and why

WHEELS: ABEC 107s / Evolve AT Kit / Trampa Superstar Hubs 6.5 Urban Treads / I really don’t know the compatibility of these wheels with my truck options with surf rodz being my 1st pick so please educate me

MOTORS: Dual 190kv 6374s - I’m not sure where to source them yet so open for suggestions

ESC: FOCbox or ESCape

BATTERY: 30Q 10S3P / 30Q 12S3P

MOUNTS: Would depend which truck is best among my options

As you can see, there’s still a lot to fill. If you have any suggestions or advice, I’m all ears. I’m really hoping to get a lot of feedback from you guys. THANKS!

For decks you (maybe) should consider this new one I got . Very similar with the Freeride DT 38" but at 39" and without the micro drop.

Actually, giving your choice of trucks, it might not work with AT wheels … they might be too close or maybe even touch the edge (Evolve trucks extend outwards and you get a longer wheelbase because of that).

Depends on how long you can wait.

After I get the prototype, I will have to order 3 more trucks, two 220’s and 1 Metro hanger, which will mean another two to three weeks.

If it turns out right, then I will see if I can get a group buy going. If there needs to be more refinement, then another 3 weeks.

@Brad I think you have something great there in the making so it’s worth the wait. The only problem is you might not reach the numbers you need for a groupbuy.

@egzplicit whats the length of the evolve trucks from axle to axle? What length should a truck be top be able to accommodate AT wheels comfortably and not worry about wheel bites or any other clearances?