1st build.. Meepo upgrade to 10s6p(8p) and deck

hmmm what to do, how to do it, how to mold it =) Got all my stuff in finally…just finished (pretty much) my first diy ebike build… and now onto this tomorrow…

ditching the meepo deck… swapping for a 40" blank deck… and trying to build a case for 8p with the kydex sheet in the background but using 6p to start…

dont have resources to build a nice wood buck to mold over… wondering if i can press the kydex into the baking pans?

If i mold around the pans theres not as much free space for mounting hardware as id like and theres a bit extra free space inside the pan that make me want to press it in hmmmm…


I don’t think you could press it in. Smaller baking pan or 2-3 small ones(loaf pans) side by side would be your best, cheapest option probably

what about a cardboard buck? i have a fair amount of double thick from all my deliveries… i can cut enough layers to get to 2.5", i know it will compress some with pressure BUT stacked enough will resist as well… and can be shaped to perfection…

Wouldn’t recommend cardboard , I used it but it definitely didn’t turn out as well as I planned because of compression

what if you over stack it a hair to compensate for the compression?

May work , you just won’t get as good of a shape as you would if you used a wooden buck

Where did the fenders come from?

an unfinished DIY video…lol maybe i will finish now that i have to redo for this new board… but seriously, theyre the best mod ive done so far… so much shit is under there that i dont know where it comes from…which means it would have been on me =)

i recorded the forming process…not done yet… aside from going to buy a heat gun to relax the sides it actually looks pretty fn good… stay tuned =)

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heres a slight update… came out ok, fawking corners are a bitch and will have a srease/fold… may end up revising the buck and change the shape… all on video but will wait to edit until im done! –and this all before I came back around with the heat gun and smoothed it out more…


I made a shape that went over the mold and left some space for the kydex to fit inbetween, then heated and pushed, worked fine. I think only one corner got semi bad, but was very minor. But yeah, its hard with only heatgun. Dropped mine and it made some burn marks on the enclosure.

update: round 1 video of kydex forming…will do another round…longer shape and not so square…


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