1st Build- Never Summer- Dual 6355 Sensored- 10S4P

Hey Guys. I’m a brand new e-boarder. Got my very first last month. I have the Enertion Raptor dual. I decided I loved everything about it an want to make an attempt at putting something together myself. I’ve never done any soldering in my life. So hopefully that’s something I can learn fairly easy. Just need to know what else I will need to know and what kind of wire, connectors, ect… That I will need to be able to complete this project. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

This is what I have ordered so far…

2 x 190KV Enertion R-Spec Motors 6355 2 x 9mm Wide Enertion Drive Pulley Kit 2 x Enertion Motor Mounts 1 x SPACE CELL PRO ENCLOSURE (Soon to be a Master Cho Carbon Fiber enclosure) 1 x Chi Boards Battery 10S4P 2 x NEW: Vesc-X Motor Controllers 2 x Caliber 2 Trucks 1 x Loaded Tesseract Abec 11 83mm 75a Flywheels


Did you order the Space Cell Pro 3? Or did you buy the enclosure and battery separately? The SCP3 comes together as a complete package with bms, voltmeter, power switch, and charge port. If you bought them separately you’ll have to get those as well. Also the battery pack won’t fit into the enclosure as nicely since it’s grooved for 18650 cells.

Soldering isn’t too hard, just watch a couple soldering 101 videos on youtube. It’s not hard to make a good solder joint, but it’s easy to make a bad one. Invest in a decent soldering iron and solder. I recommend a soldering station from Hakko, Weller, or other reputable brand. 60/40 tin/lead rosin-core solder is always a good bet.

You’ll probably need some miscellaneous connectors and wire, just mock up everything you have and see what you’re missing. Keep in mind your VESCs don’t come with any connectors. You’ll also need a dremel or hacksaw to cut some of your caliber truck’s hangar unless you bought the trucks from Enertion assuming you’re using Enertion’s wheel pulleys.


I actually have 2 Raptor batteries. I’m just assumed that’s a space cell 3 battery? That’s why I just bought the enclosure because I thought the raptor battery should fit right in it. It does have the switch, charging port, ect… so I won’t need to mess with any of that at least. I figured I would either velcro or glue it to the enclosure.

Yep. I have a dremel and plan on making them work with the Enertion whell pulleys. @longhairedboy has a video that shows exactly how to do it. :slight_smile:

I’m definitely going to be watching some youtube how to’s on soldering. :wink:

The problem I’m having is figuring out what wires I will need, what size wires, connectors, ect… I just made the big order this morning so I wanted to order the rest this afternoon so that I would have everything needed asap.

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Cool that should work then. You may want to take the raptor batteries out of their plastic housing in order to fit it more nicely. Glue or velcro would work and is what I do myself.

Make sure you take enough off the hangar (42mm should be good). Taking too little may look like it’ll fit, but the nylon may not engage with the thread. I’ve actually had my wheel come off my board while riding due to this…

10/12 AWG cable is a standard for esk8 (I use 12 myself) and you can’t go wrong with 4/5.5mm bullets and XT60/90’s.

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Sweet. I’ll take the plastic off the battery for sure then.

Thanks for the exact mm measurement of the hanger that I need to take off. Definitely don’t want a wheel coming off when I’m riding.

Ordering 12 AWG cable, 5.5mm bullets, along with some XT90’s right now. Thanks!

Don’t forget shrink tube for those bullets and some flux. Go for xt60 connectors.

Female bullets should be included with the motors, having spares doesn’t hurt

Do you have a remote on your list?

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Ok cool. I’ll order the xt60’s then and also some shrink tube. Is there a difference that I should know about between xt60 and xt90?

I do have an awesome remote already. @FLATLINEcustoms made it with his enclosure and a gt2b.


Xt90 are much bigger and all the components you’ve ordered are Xt60. You’ll need to make an “Y” connector out of 1 male XT60 male and 2 XT60 female (to connect from battery to 2 vesc)

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Awesome. Good stuff to know. Going to get some male and female xt60 connectors. Thanks!

Hey guys. So it looks like my motors, motor mounts, enclosure, and wheel pulley systems will arrive here on Monday. So I want to get ordering all the wire and stuff I need asap. I am ordering 5.5 bullet connectors, xt60 male/female connectors, 12 gauge wire so far. Happy Thanksgiving guys!!!

What are these? Looks like they’re on some kinda board. And what are those black and white wires called? I want to get the same things that I have in my raptor because I love the shit out of it. I’ve already ordered everything from Enertion to make my own. Just need to know what everything wiring wise is. @onloop?

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Also. Is the a decent soldering setup for someone like me that has never soldered a day in his life? http://www.homedepot.com/p/Hakko-70-Watt-Digital-Soldering-Station-FX888D-29BY-P/204215981?MERCH=REC--PIPHorizontal1_rr--203525863--204215981--N

The arrows point to the capacitors on your VESC’s. your VESC-x will have them inside. The black an white wires are the communication CAN connection between your master and slave VESC. I would ask @onloop what connector to get for the VESC-X.

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Thanks for that info. I was wondering what those were. Glad to hear that the new vesc-x’s will have those built in already. Less I will have to do/learn.

Gotta question guys. Would this be possible??? Could I just buy a second receiver for my gt2b remote to put in my new board I’m building? That way instead of having two separate remotes I could just use the one? Or is the deal when it binds to one receiver it won’t bind to another? Just a thought I had that could simplify things a bit.

P.S- I just got my two motors, space cell case, motor mounts, and pulley systems yesterday. I have a local hobby shop that carries the xt60’s, bullet connectors, wiring, ect… that I already picked up also. Just waiting for the vesc-x’s to ship after the 30th. Hopefully they don’t take too long. I want to build this thing and see how it goes!

Yes it is a decent iron

no can’t do that, you have two options to control both motors with 1 receiver.

Have your VESCX in a master-slave config like your current raptor with a CAN bus cable.

OR diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-canbus-connector/

your second option is to control each vescx independently with the same PPM signal using a Y cable like this one, you’ll need to cut the red cable off one of them

For powering both vesc, you’ll need to make a Y connector, like this

just put a male XT60 at the end of the cable to connect to the space cell.

Get some good solder and get some flux, it will make your life much easier.

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I have pretty much everything now. Just waiting for the vesc-x’s to ship and the the ollin board canbus connectors to ship also. Going to pick out a deck this weekend along with some calibur trucks at my local longboard shop. This is going to be fun. I want to build this and ride it for a while before my Raptor 2 gets her in however long it takes.

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Question for you guys. Do any of you know where I can pick up the round piece of plastic that’s around the power button and the charger cover thingy. And what are they called? This is the space cell pro 4. I want to make mine just like this so I’m guessing I will have to take my spare raptor battery apart to do so.

Hey guys. Question. When my vesc-x’s (two of them) get here I will need to hook them up to my battery obviously. Would either of these two connectors work for dual vesc?



none of the above :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… this is the one you need


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Thanks dude !